Total Overdose demo available <i>ahora</i>

Gunslingin', tequila poppin', drug dealin' south-of-the-border demo now available on GameSpot DLX.


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Real-life rampages in rural Mexico often end in pounding headaches, a few missing pints of blood, and a visit to the local free clinic. Thankfully, Eidos Interactive is offering a new way to experience all the Hispanic hysteria a comfortable distance away from Mexican prisons.

The publisher will be releasing Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico on September 27 for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, and PC. The game is the first major game from Danish developer Deadline Games.

Though Total Overdose won't be available until later this month, PC gamers with itchy trigger fingers can experience some of the action now by downloading the 317MB demo from GameSpot DLX.

The third-person shooter follows Ramiro Cruz, the son of a DEA agent who was framed and murdered south of the border. "Ram," as he's known, heads down to Tijuana, Mexico, to avenge his padre's death.

Total Overdose's gameplay can be described as Grand Theft Loco, as it borrows much of the driving and on-foot mission-based gunplay of Rockstar Games' popular series. Bullet time a la Max Payne helps Ram take out banditos while leaping, rolling, and strafing around the dusty backdrops.

Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico is rated M for Mature and will retail for $39.99 on the Xbox and PlayStation 2 and $29.99 on the PC.

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