Total Overdose crosses retail border

Dusty Latino barrios, Mexican wrestlers, and crazy old women wielding machetes... It's all in Eidos' new shooter for the Xbox, PC, and PS2.


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Residents of the Southwestern United States often sneak across the Mexican border for some frivolity without all the hang-ups of the American legal system. For the rest of North Americans who can't saunter across the Rio Grande for some south-of-the-border sin, Eidos Interactive offers Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico, available today in stores.

The PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC game was developed by Deadline Games, a company based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The third-person shooter stars hero Ram Cruz as he wages a personal vendetta to find those responsible for his father's murder. The tongue-in-cheek script never takes itself seriously, delivering one-liners and sight gags in the face of treacherous Mexican drug lords.

To get his vengeance, Ram will go through enough weapons to equip a small army, unleashing lead into enemies while performing acrobatic maneuvers in "bullet time." The open-ended, mission-based gameplay lets gamers roam the countryside on foot or in several different vehicles.

The Xbox and PS2 versions will ship with a bonus disc of never-before-seen footage of another Eidos property, Tomb Raider: Legend. The disc features an interview with series creator Toby Gard, as well as new footage of the game in action.

PC gamers looking to try the game out can grab the demo from GameSpot DLX now.

Total Overdose: A Gunslinger's Tale in Mexico is rated M for Mature.

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