Torino 2006 hits the slopes

2K Games' virtual winter Olympiad ships for Xbox, PC, PS2; includes skiing, biathlon, bobsled, luge, and hockey.


Torino 2006 - The Official Video Game of the XX Olympic Winter Games

Three weeks before the XX Winter Olympics kick off in Torino, Italy, 2K Sports has released the game based on the event. The still smoke-damaged division of Take-Two Interactive today announced that it has shipped Torino 2006: The Official Video Game of the XX Olympic Winter Games for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2. Rated E for Everyone and priced at $19.99 on all platforms, it features 15 events set on the ice and in the snow. Would-be Tara Lipinskis can perform triple lutzes in figure skating, imposter Jaromir Jagrs can body-check opponents in hockey, and anyone who thinks cross-country skiing and firing automatic weapons go together can take a shot at the biathlon. Other categories of competition include bobsled, luge, and a series of skiing events--but none of the popular snowboarding competitions that debuted at the Nagano games in 1998. Check back later this week for GameSpot's full review of the game.

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