Torchlight: Infinite Closed Beta Begins September 5

Torchlight: Infinite will have over 240 different skills for each hero.


XD Games has announced that Torchlight: Infinite will have another closed beta on September 5. The beta will start on September 4 at 7 PM (PST) and run until September 18 at 7 PM (PST). To participate in the beta, players must download the Torchlight: Infinite app and visit the official site on their PC or mobile device.

The upcoming beta will feature new content such as story levels, bosses, Netherrealm 2.0, Erosion craftings, and more. The story levels will also come with never-before-seen geographical features and monster populations, and players will have the opportunity to face new bosses in the final chapter.

Players will have the option to pick from six different classes that have 24 talent trees and more than 240 skills. Each hero in-game will have three different skill paddles allowing players to build their unique style. In addition to having three different skill paddles, players can modify their skills up to five times with their support skills.

Lastly, Torchlight: Infinite won't have any cooldowns in-game. This is meant to help players clear dungeons quickly and is meant to be a way for people of all skill levels to enjoy.

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