Torchlight II releases mod tools and Steam Workshop support

Runic Games' role-playing game can now be flooded with all sorts of modifications.


The role-playing game Torchlight II has been updated with the inclusion of GUTS, developer Runic Games' custom editor for the game, and full integration with the Steam Workshop.

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Interested modders can now create and distribute custom Torchlight II maps, quests, skills, and items. A mod manager is included, which gives players the ability to automatically obtain and subscribe to collections of mods.

When playing modded games, players can set the loading order of mods, view the mod history, and be told the potential impact of disabling any modifications before doing so.

Runic Games has put together a wiki with tutorials and documentation for using the Torchlight II editor.

GameSpot awarded Torchlight II an 8.5 when it was released in September 2012.

For more information on Torchlight II, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for SyntaxError1

When is it coming to Mac though?

Avatar image for jameson425

I hope this comes to the next-gen consoles! I played the 1st Torchlight on XBLA and it twas amazing ,and it is now the new Diablo to me except it's like the first 2 Diablo not the 3rd...

Avatar image for Poinciana

Are the wand and shield still the best weapons to use as a archer instead of a bow ? Tha'ts the reason why I stopped playing.

Avatar image for chibi-acer

Took a look yesterday. Of the few mods that were available, it seems several of them dealt with the ability to make larger stacks of fish. LOL :D

Avatar image for TheLeftHandDoom

this game was superior to Diablo 3 in every way other than graphics.

Avatar image for blackothh

NICE!!!!! This makes me quite excited!

Avatar image for rasputin177

Could someone please answer a question. I only have an Asus laptop computer. I bought Torchlight 2 off steam awhile ago but my rig just did not seem strong enough to run the game. I thought it would because Torchlight worked just fine. Is there anything I can do to get the game to run on my laptop? Like something I can disable or something with mods to make the game run like the original torchlight? I love action RPGs so it was really depressing when I couldn't get the game to work. Anyone have any advice?

Avatar image for Gallowhand

It's nice to see Torchlight 2 getting this kind of support.

I really need to get around to finishing the game, though.

Avatar image for meralonne

Wish this would come to XBL like the original Torchlight did.

Barring that, put it on a disc and I'll buy!

Avatar image for sladakrobot

@meralonne X360 memory is not big enough,thats why i hope later for a NextBox release.
To be on topic:I personally dont like to play modded maps or stuff like that,i prefer to play levels the developers created.

Avatar image for im-a-roustabout

@sladakrobot @meralonne Which is completely fine, just know once you're done playing the developers maps to the point where you're tired of it, there is tons of fresh content to keep you're interest in the game.

Avatar image for laser00

Torchlight 2 was a really great game..If only I could say the same for Diablo 3. Was still gutted about that game :\

Avatar image for megthompson3

Great news!

Avatar image for tweezzzy

fantastic news for a fantastic game.

i bought up torchlight 2 after diablo 3 shit the bed.

woah nelly, TL2 is jaw droppingly amazing. it is the true spiritual successor to diablo2 and probably one of the best purchases ive made in the last 6 months.

Avatar image for CastorT


One of the best purchases in the last 6 months doesn't really say much imo.

That is not nearly enough praise as you want make it sound like.

Avatar image for im-a-roustabout

@CastorT @tweezzzy Care to explain why? TL2 ruled, especially if you want to compare it to D3.

Avatar image for Tangsta03

definitely a step in the right direction, good thinking TL2 devs!

Avatar image for xgalacticax

This game hit me like XCOM did last year. Thought it wasn't my type of game but then I played it and it's the best thing I've played in the last two months. Hopefully I can find some time to create a few mods.

Avatar image for M-S-M-S

Great news.

Avatar image for ahpuck

This game is PC only, MAC version doesn't exist.

Avatar image for Justforvisit

Heck yes! FINALLY!

Avatar image for demonkingx5

great more games need workshop support like this

Avatar image for shock_88

Yeah i completely forgot they were planning to do this. Better late than never i suppose

Avatar image for greek5

Took them long enough.

Avatar image for PETERAKO


well yeah, compared to blizzard that took them like......NEVER.