Torchlight II delayed to next year

Sequel to 2009's well-received dungeon crawler pushed from 2011 release window as dev needs more time for polish.


Runic Games' first title, Torchlight, hit in 2009 and showed that the studio's team of ex-Diablo developers could still make a critically lauded dungeon crawler. The game's sequel was set to hit this year, but that plan has changed.

Looks like Torchlight II's denizens are as unhappy about the delay as gamers.
Looks like Torchlight II's denizens are as unhappy about the delay as gamers.

In a post to the official Torchlight blog today, Runic Games president Travis Baldree revealed that Torchlight II needs more time in development and will miss the targeted 2011 release window. The game has been in development for 18 months, and Baldree said the time needed to polish the game is "relatively small."

"We feel pretty safe in saying that if you enjoyed Torchlight at all, this sequel is superior in every respect. Right now our job is to ensure that the quality level is consistent all the way to the end," said Baldree.

Torchlight II will have gamers again embarking upon hack-and-slash role-playing game adventures through randomly generated dungeons to secure rare items. Torchlight II will include new character classes, quests, monsters, and dungeons, and a much-requested co-op mode.

For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Torchlight II.

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D3 will inevitably devour any long term triumph of this game if released anywhere near the same time. I loved torchlight 1 but I've been playing D3 beta and I've already played that more hours than torchlight. However, I will be buying T2 nonetheless just for the sake of short a short break from any D3 grinds. Looking forward to both.

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I finally finished Torchlight 1 recently after 80hrs gameplay. For $20, it gave me so much bang for my buck. T2 is a definite buy. It will be the best hack/slash game in the TitanQuest genre of hack/slash gaming. Way better than any other game in this genre.

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I hope it's not too late next year as Diablo 3 will surely cannibalize a lot of the sales for this genre.

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"Looks like Torchlight II's denizens are as unhappy about the delay as gamers" Anyone noticed that in the last few comments noone really is unhappy and we're all looking forward to further improved gameplay instead? ^^

Avatar image for Slagar

I thought it was next year anyway. That's OK! I've got Skyrim o_o

Avatar image for megakick

TL 2 > D3

Avatar image for Bootsakah

I appreciate them taking time to make the game polished before release. However, I have to wonder why they didn't release an expansion of some sort for the first Torchlight. The game was fairly simple and gamers loved it, seems they missed the boat on some easy cash. Oh well, I will forget about TL2 until it starts showing up on Steam.

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Torchlight II doesn't require a constant internet connection and offers LAN support. I can wait a little bit,

Avatar image for Shinteikun

better late than buggy... loved the first game

Avatar image for CFritzRun

The first Torchlight was an absolute blast. Glad to hear there's co-op in this one because that was my main complaint with the first one. Scratch that. It was pretty much my only complaint with the first. Long live the dungeon crawler!

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Torchlight was literally the best ARPG of that style since Diablo I & II... I'm okay with them taking a bit more time to polish it. Co-op FTW!

Avatar image for Metamania

Great! As long as they are making the game better with the time, fine by me!

Avatar image for Samslayer

I'm fine with developers holding a game back to improve it! Just get us a nice polished game with quality gameplay, and I'd be all over it!

Avatar image for XanderZane

I'll definitely get this when it's released next year. If the price stays under $30, I'm all for it. Diablo 3 is a must have as well. I can't see anyone not wanting both games. I still need to finish the first game though. I still have a long ways to go.

Avatar image for Justforvisit

@Nodashi So true. Better giving them time to make it even better than rush it! Anyways, I doubt the delay is because of D III, Torchlight II would have crushed it anyways, this way it will just crsuh D III afterwards ^^

Avatar image for Nodashi

@Elann2008 Yeah, you see, people that prefer integrity and release finished games instead of releasing them in alpha state are called stupid by no other than consumers nowadays. And then we complain about lame games released unfinished.

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If you liked Diablo I and II you will like Torchlight. It was even designed by one of the original designers of the diablo games and the music was done by one of the original Diablo music people as well. It is also cheap. I will be purchasing Torchlight 2.

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I am looking forward.Torchlicht was great fun...the only big minus was the non existend co-op. Diablo 3 isnt coming on X360 in 3 years (and if,then on next gen LOL) so Torchlight 2 with promised co-op would be a highlight. Sacred 2 had a amazing skilltree and a multiplayer but was technically mediocre and buggy.Dungeon Siege 3 did it wrong,Crimson Skies is absolutely average and has no depth(Chara,Weps,Skills) at all.So yes,Torchlight 2 should be something to look at.

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If this game is still going to be $20 and it gets a similar rating to Diablo 3 wouldn't you have to be a bit stupid (or a Diablo fanboy) not to buy this instead of the $60+ Diablo 3? I liked the original Torchlight and have no loyalty to one game over the other. I say let the best game for the best price win.

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I have not heard much about Torchlight. Lets put aside whether or not it will compete with Diablo 3. Was it a good game?

Avatar image for Eraldus

Meh, saw that comming... It didn't surprised me.

Avatar image for conkerton

I really hope they are shooting to release between the power house games. Everybody loves the plucky under dog.

Avatar image for Elann2008

Delay it right into Diablo 3's release window. Very smart...Runic Games... :roll:

Avatar image for j_kizi

(off topic).......whoa whoa whoa, whats this about diablo 3 being "online only"? i havent been following on the d3 news for awhile.... man that will suck since i live in tanzania (east africa), my internet sucks, and is expensive.... so i wont be able to play it?

Avatar image for hilikus00

same here... definitely Torchlight II than D3... it's just because the location where I'm at, internet connection sucks! can't play D3 if i'm always disconnected from the net. Torchlight II way the go! it's been a long time since i've ever played a game that has a LAN play option..

Avatar image for Ghoulish_Visage

I'm going to get this instead of D3, not because I'm a fanboy, but simply because the internet where I live sucks.

Avatar image for TheGreatmars

i forgot to say that instead of buying D3 CE i am going to get the SE and TL2, there is nothing wrong in playing two ARPGs ...except losing 6month playing 24/7. :P

Avatar image for j_kizi

so i have to wait for this and diablo 3? they better not release it at the same time, i want this to do well, the 1st one was awesome....

Avatar image for TheGreatmars

oh well, i guess if you worked for blizzrard even if it was an hour you will catch the "Must be perfect" mentality, i am not saying it is bad, actually i like it more than "release and patch later" mentality :D

Avatar image for John_Read

they wanted to compete with diablo 3 that's why they delayed it :P

Avatar image for damieonavich1

I guess someone died.

Avatar image for syam32245340

That's okay for the sake of quality itself. No need to rush :)

Avatar image for NeonNinja

Expected this delay. The year's almost done and no release date? It was gonna be pushed back. I'm still buying it over Diablo III, so bring it on!

Avatar image for AcidSoldner

Damn it.

Avatar image for wooooode

Yeah this is suppose to help people wait for Diablo 3 now releasing it close is a horrible idea.

Avatar image for yoda101280

They better not push too long, Diablo 3 might actually release in 2012...emphasis on "might."

Avatar image for TrueProphecy22

Aww... Well, I guess Skyrim is keeping me busy enough as it is, I probably wouldn't have bought it right away if it launched this year anyway. I'm not sure Torchlight is really competing with Diablo III to be honest. It has quite a different style, mods, quite a bit of hype, and a discount price in its favor. Diablo III is currently riding on the laurels of Diablo II and a number of changes (online play only, cash auctions, etc) have caused some ripples in its hype

Avatar image for IBEX333

EPIC FAIL. Do they honestly think anyone will bother with this if it comes right after the release of Diablo 3? I loved the Original Torchlight, but they really dropped the ball with the whole development and release process on this one...

Avatar image for IBEX333

Heh... if only these delays would get them to bring some much needed PvP into this game.... But no... not only did they say there will be no PvP, now they are delaying this as well. FRIGGING GREAT.

Avatar image for Chozn275

Take all the time you need. Too many games come out prematurely and could use another 2-3 months of polish. Besides, have you seen the insane Holiday line up of games this year? Ill be looking for something new come Feb-March to play.

Avatar image for Hypereia

Good move, too many titles T2 would have to compete with right now anyways. I'm very glad to see quality is still at the top at the list over at Runic Games.

Avatar image for Kazekage20

What a shame, I was quite looking forward to online play that was not in Torchlight 1. Guess I will have to wait a little longer. I wonder which will release first Torchlight 2 or Diablo 3.

Avatar image for stailcookie

every month they delay is probably 10% fewer sales as people await D3.

Avatar image for Juguard

It doesn't matter, as long as its for a good reason. I give props to devs out there that has the balls to keep pushing a game back, rather than releasing it on schedule with day one patch and buggy as hell. I loved the first one, and I'm buying Torchlight 2, doesn't matter if I'm stuck in Skyrim, or if I preordered Diablo 3 Collectors. I'm still buying it.

Avatar image for Wula_

Good news for some of us that are absorbed into skyrim right now. More time to enjoy that. And by the time torchlight 2 comes by we can enjoy another fun RPG : D

Avatar image for thedemon44

A game company that cators to it's fans. Doesn't happen often enough, but then again, these guys are not run like the artistically drained, corporate controlled mainstream guys.

Avatar image for lonewolf1044

expect it to be delayed again if it is close to the release of D3.

Avatar image for DarkRaven0021

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that with the current crop of games we have out right now, Skyrim, etc....this is a smart move. Wait, take your time and do it right, polish it up....get it triple "A" all the way. I think it will be worth the wait.

Avatar image for PrplMnkyDshwsr7

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo...oh well back to Skyrim

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