Torchlight Frontiers Release Date Delayed Out Of 2019

Out of 2019.


The new Torchlight game, Torchlight Frontiers, is not going to launch on time. Developer Max Schaefer of Echtra Games announced during an ExileCon panel today that the free-to-play action role-playing game won't make it out in 2019 as expected.

He said so with a laugh, given there are fewer than 50 days left in 2019 with no update in sight. The delay out of 2019 is no surprise, as Schaefer told SegmentNext that 2019 was only an "early estimate." He added, "The bottom line is the game will ship when it's done."

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Frontiers is currently in alpha testing. It's in development for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Frontiers features a "shared, persistent, and dynamically generated world" featuring hack-and-slash gameplay in dungeons stacked with creepy creatures and bosses.

Echtra Games is headed up by Max Schaefer, who founded Diablo creator Blizzard North. He was joined by the other two Blizzard North founders--his brother Erich Schaefer and David Brevik--on stage at ExileCon today where they shared stories about the history of Diablo and more.

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