Top-Grossing Steam Games of 2016 Revealed

Valve announces the 100 highest-grossing games of 2016 on Steam.


Grand Theft Auto V
Fallout 4
No Man's Sky

2016 is over. So what were the top-grossing PC games on Steam during the year?

Valve today announced the top-grossers during the calendar year. While specific revenue figures were not disclosed, Valve put games into four categories based on how they sold: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. DOTA 2, a free-to-play game, is among the Platinum games, alongside The Division, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Grand Theft Auto V, Civilization VI, Fallout 4, and No Man's Sky.

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Click through the images in the gallery above to see most of the top-grossing games. Be sure to go to Steam's website to see all the best-selling games of the year on Steam.

Today, January 1, is the last full day of Steam's annual Winter Sale. As announced previously, it ends tomorrow, January 2, at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET.

In other news, Valve recently announced the winners of its first-ever Steam Awards--you can see all the categories and winners here.

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    Avatar image for metalhead9806

    Happy to see some of my favorite games of the year topping the list. XCOM 2, Dark Souls 3, TW Warhammer... just legit games.

    Avatar image for cornbredx

    These are pretty meaningless titles since we don't even know what qualifies them to be in their consecutive categories.

    Avatar image for metalhead9806

    @cornbredx: well we know they all sold more than a million copies each. well the games in the top section anyway.

    Avatar image for lonesamurai1

    I can see why The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto are on this list since they are best played on the PC by a mile.

    Avatar image for edinko

    Its sad that NMS did so well. Its a free ticket for all publishers to abuse,scam and lie even more.People are suckers of an unbelievable magnitude.

    Avatar image for Utnayan

    @edinko: They didn't include all the refunds.

    Avatar image for GSGuy321

    steam is a powerhouse in gaming

    Avatar image for santinegrete

    It's good to see Doom and dark souls 3 there.

    Avatar image for Ripper_TV

    Senseless: No Man's Sky sold 1 million (got Plat) and Stardew Valley sold 2 million (got Gold).

    P.S. They only did this because of Steam Spy.

    Avatar image for FCT-Steve-O

    @Ripper_TV: Unfortunately its off revenue. Not sure why they do it this way but their top sellers list is that way too.

    Avatar image for Yams1980

    no mans sky did well. but i wonder if people refunded if it still counts as a sale. cause the game got destroyed in refunds when people were really disappointed in the game.

    Avatar image for DAOWAce

    I like how a korean free to play MMORPG released 14 years ago is in the top 100.

    Sure are some believable stats.

    Avatar image for kadaverhagga

    @DAOWAce: Are you saying someone actually made these stats up without data to support it or is it just hard to believe that a game you don't seem to think very highly of, generated a big revenue?

    Avatar image for DAOWAce


    You really think a 14 year old piece of crap MMO made tons of money?

    The list is a joke.

    Avatar image for kadaverhagga

    @DAOWAce: Well it is within the top 100 most played games on steam, it beats out alot of much more recent AAA titles in playerbase. Assuming those still playing it are hardcore fans they might be some spenders there.

    It is nothing close to WOW but in wow you also have a massive amounts of players still playing the vanilla version from 2004. The reason there is no official player count is because blizzard does not support the vanilla version and it is played mainly on private servers.

    Now I have no idea myself how much money it makes, and I don't know much about the game except that although it says free to play it is basically pay because you can't play it for free during peak house when everybody is at home. And it's more or less pay to win.

    I believe there is a reason a 14 yo free to play game still is supported and have active servers, it's because it still makes money.

    But to answer my question, you actually believe Gaben or someone in charge at Valve just said "Compile a list of top grossing games but don't base it on actual data that can be checked. Just pick some random games as a joke. Yeah go ahead and make me a joke list and gamble our reputation"?

    Avatar image for Zorlac

    @DAOWAce: Dota 2 isn't 14 years old, nor is it a MMO.

    Avatar image for DAOWAce

    @Zorlac: Yes, I sure linked DOTA2 and not Knight Online..

    People on this site are just idiots.

    Avatar image for Zorlac

    @DAOWAce: So why are you complaining about a game that wasn't on the lists?

    Avatar image for nyran125tk

    @DAOWAce: You do know that Valve does 20 million dollar prize pool tournaments with DOTA 2, right? 850'000 people play it every day thats more people playing after release day than all the Battlefields and Call Of Duty games combined on PC. Matter of fact, thats more people playing DOTA 2 than all the Battlefield and call Of Dutys on console to. Matter of fact you could throw playerbase stats of EA's battlefront in there to and combine the playerbase for that with the rest of the Battlefields and COD's totals and DOTA 2 STILL has more players on average every day. You want to know how many people own Counter Strike global Offensive? 26 million....that's MORE than any Call Of Duty product that's ever been released. I think that game and League Of legends are 2 of the highest grosing products out there. Bazillions of people play these games. Have you seen the size of the stadiums for some of these tournaments? it's crazy.

    Avatar image for DAOWAce

    @nyran125tk: Are you trying to be an idiot?

    Avatar image for karltanner

    @DAOWAce: You don't know anything about that game. Kids in Turkey spend tons of money for it. It can very well be even at the top of it's tier. You shouldn't talk about something unless you're knowledgeable about it or you made your research.

    Next time, don't talk or post and blame people without making your research.

    Avatar image for DAOWAce

    @karltanner: I played the game 13 years ago.

    I don't give a damn to 'research' something so terribly old that hardcore whales waste their money on; we've got enough mobile games for that.

    Avatar image for renegade67rick

    I like the results, except for that No Mans Sky. But, it did sale well before the lie was found out, so based on that, I see why its here. Other than that, looks like good games made some money. Hope for a better year of games this new year, lookn like a good line up so far.

    Avatar image for girlusocrazy

    GameSpot has a bug it says all stories were posted 1 year X days/hours ago

    Avatar image for Utnayan

    No mans sky. Lol. Are the accounting for all the refunds as well?

    Avatar image for girlusocrazy

    @Utnayan: On PS4, No Man's Sky has more "likes" than Dark Souls 3 and FFXV combined

    Avatar image for slypher9

    @girlusocrazy: you seriously believe in "likes"...

    Avatar image for groowagon

    @slypher9: Believe? Likes are not a matter of faith...

    It proves that NMS has raised more attention than DS3 and FFXV combined for a FACT. It doesn't mean that it's a better game though.

    Avatar image for girlusocrazy

    @groowagon: @slypher9: Either way I just don't know why you would bother to "like" it if you didn't BTW I am talking about the feature where you highlight the game icon, press down, select "..." and select the thumbs up, and you have to own the game and have the disc in to be able to vote. You can't be some random person "liking" it.

    I would definitely call DkS3 a better game but NMS is definitely fun.

    Avatar image for petek480

    @Utnayan: The steam top 100 page says at the top it used the games gross revenue to rank them and while I hated my accounting class in college and forgot most of it, I'm pretty sure gross revenue or gross anything is the amount without deductions applied and a sales returned would be a deduction.

    So in other words no it doesn't include refunds. They should of used net revenue but then again that probably would of only effected the results by one game so they didn't want to take the extra time to do that.

    Avatar image for spartanx169x

    @petek480: Gross Revenue is Revenue Minus refunds and Cost of goods sold.( In this case, cost of good sold for games would be what ever they(Valve) have to pay the developers and whatever it costs to run all the hardware and software for the games( as a percentage of total hardware and software cost as not all the cost goes toward the games) (There are always exceptions). This is often referred to as Gross Margin and or gross income. In some cases, Cost of goods sold is not included, refunds would still be deducted to arrive at gross revenue which Cost of Goods sold is then deducted to arrive at Gross Income/Margin . FASB(Financial Accounting Standards Board) does allow for some slight differences depending on the particular industry norm. I'm an accountant and CPA.

    Avatar image for sgtsaltnpepper

    PC gamers are just a bunch of filthy casuals

    Avatar image for chief_keef_goon

    @sgtsaltnpepperARMA 3 is casual? Name me a hardcore FPS for consoles other than Siege. :

    Avatar image for lonesamurai1

    @sgtsaltnpepper: Yes playing our casual games at 4K 60fps and beyond, while the kiddie peasants game with a checkerboard scheme to fool the brain and eyes.

    Avatar image for H0RSE

    The highest paid and most played tournaments are on PC. But I guess they are just "casual" tournaments...

    Avatar image for Yams1980

    @sgtsaltnpepper: im a pc gamer and can confirm this

    Avatar image for game4metoo

    @sgtsaltnpepper: okay

    Avatar image for nurnberg

    Is Stellaris fun? I see it in the Gold category. It seems like a good game.

    Avatar image for isariamkia

    @nurnberg: Yep it's a great game ! It requires some time to be "mastered" but it's a real pleasure to play it, there is also multiplayer but I've never tried it

    Avatar image for Myron117

    Glad the witcher is platinum.

    80hrs in and i cant get enough of it

    Avatar image for Blk_Mage_Ctype

    Does anyone else find it kind of depressing that No Man's Sky is one of the top-grossing games of 2016 on Steam? Seriously, because that means that folks must have continued buying it long after word got out that the game was bait-and-switch, ergo everyone who bought it full price most likely either impulse bought it without doing any research or just blindly trusted "professional" reviews from websites which have long since been exposed for giving good scores to otherwise terrible games in exchange for money.

    Avatar image for Yams1980

    @Blk_Mage_Ctype: the games had some improvements from updates though. its a better game than it was at release but i think they need to rework the vehicle controls, the ship controls with so much lag, im getting like 80-100 fps yet it feels like the ship is handling on a pc running at 10 fps.

    doesn't seem right to me to add more combat without fixing the gameplay of the ship... seems pointless to me.

    i want this game to keep going though, if the ship controls can be made more fun and they add more complexity to the gameplay its going to be really great to get back into it.

    Avatar image for ender003

    @Blk_Mage_Ctype: You know, I always see people talking about so-called paid reviews like it's a matter of fact. I've yet to see anyone provide any evidence for those claims, outside of the Kane and Lynch thing but that was one case almost 10 years ago.

    Avatar image for UltimateBastard

    @ender003: Machinima last year, caught being paid by Microsoft to show at least 30 seconds of xb1 video content in the first 2 mins of their videos, and had to say it was been played on xb1, and not being allowed to say anything negative about xbox or its games. There's plenty of other examples of this out there, countless youtubers as well who have been caught at it, and countless more that have came out and said they had been approached by companies for this exact reason. total biscuit did a pretty good video on the topic.

    Avatar image for biggamerdude

    why does it say 1 year ago for this and two other articles?

    Avatar image for skipper847

    @biggamerdude: might be the leap 1 second year.

    Avatar image for biggamerdude

    @skipper847: lol

    but seriously, these articles were made today, not yesterday

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