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Top Five Skyrim Mods of the Week - March 31

We check out a floating airship, some maniacal barbarian armor, and a College of Winterhold expansion...then set off our biggest explosion to date.


You know how those player homes that come with the game just don't float in the sky enough? And aren't boats? Well, we have a fix for that! Also, we dress ourselves in the skin of a dead sabercat, watch Lydia swim through whitewater rapids, and then proceed to explore a forest's worth of bandits and bears.

Download this week's mods:

The Asteria by Mattcm919
Steam Workshop Link or Skyrim Nexus Link

Water and Terrain Enhancement Redux by DMP
Steam Workshop Link or Skyrim Nexus Link

Warchief Armor by hothtrooper44
Skyrim Nexus Link

Glowtastic by Paragon of Badassosity
Steam Workshop Link or Skyrim Nexus Link

Oblivious Horses by Raj Kah'lira
Steam Workshop Link or Skyrim Nexus Link

Wizards of Winterhold by Giskard
Steam Workshop Link
Note: This mod has been temporarily hidden by the author due to a navmesh bug.

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