Top 10 Tweetable Truths for Pokemon Black (and White) Version 2

All the latest updates on this monster-collecting sequel in 140 characters or less. Pick your favorite and spread the word.


The long-running Pokemon series shows no signs of stopping as Nintendo prepares to roll out the latest entry: Pokemon Black/White Version 2. The follow-up to last year's similarly-named role-playing game, Version 2 takes place two years after the events of the previous game. Bianca, one of your rivals from the previous game, has become Professor Juniper's assistant; while Cheren has opened his own gym and will be the first leader you'll encounter.

Of course, there are plenty more surprises waiting for you in this game, and we've boiled them down into bite-sized Tweets for easy consumption. If one should catch your eye, be sure to let your friends know.

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Embarrass your Pokemon in front of thousands of digital people with Pokemon Black/White Version 2's PokeStars Studios mini-game.

PokeStars Studios lets you act out scenes from fictional movies w/your Pokemon; then visit the box office to grade your performance.

Meet people online in Pokemon Black/White Version 2 & use them to populate an in-game marketplace to find unique items.

The more people you meet online in Pokemon Black/White Version 2 the higher your shop levels increase, unlocking more items.

In Pokemon Black/White Version 2 you can capture rare Pokemon w/hidden abilities in the game, rather than using the online Dream World.

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In the Pokemon World Tournament area of Pokemon Black/White Version 2 you can face off against gym leaders from previous regions.

Transferring your previous game's save into Pokemon Black/White Version 2 unlocks character-specific scenes from the two-year gap.

Pokedex in Pokemon Black/White Version 2 displays icons for when you see, and later when you catch, all the Pokemon in an area.

No more hassle to get a full team of Eevee's evolutions; you can capture wild Eevee's (and Riolu's) in Pokemon Black/White Version 2.

To unlock the genie trio's special evolutions in Pokemon Black/White Version 2 get Pokemon Dream Radar from the 3DS eShop.

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