Too Much Gore In Grindstone? You Can Now Tone It Down (Or Turn It Up)

A slightly cuddlier puzzle splatterfest.


Grindstone is a tightly designed and very fun puzzle game that helped get the Apple Arcade service off to a strong start, but it's also a bloody mess. In case the cartoon carnage is a little too much for you to stomach, the latest update to the game lets you adjust it.

A tweet from developer Capy announces the gore slider, which lets you turn the level of splatter down--or up, if for some reason you feel there just isn't enough gore. It also adds a new Valentine-themed outfit and special arrow, and changes mid-level saves so they'll pick up right where you left off. Plus it fixes a few bugs, in particular one that could load a blank save by accident when your connection isn't reliable.

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Grindstone is a grid-based puzzle game that has you draw paths through mobs of enemies and watch as they get cut to ribbons. The simple concept starts to evolve into increasing complexity as you go on, with the addition of more enemy types with special conditions, and the ever-present temptation of more loot.

It was named one of GameSpot's Best Mobile Games of 2019, and it's exclusive to Apple Arcade. That $5 per month service offers an all-you-can-eat subscription to a library of more than 100 mobile games, all without any in-app purchases.

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