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RPGs for the PlayStation have been for the most part, for lack of a better word, typical. You have your typical kingdom in danger with your typical reluctant hero helping out with typical spells and typical monsters. That's pretty much it. Although there is nothing wrong with that formula (a formula that has been very successful, by the way), gamers are always looking for something different. Something with an edge. At the time Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain was released for the PlayStation back in 1996, it was definitely one of the more original role-playing games for the PlayStation. With its wonderfully dark storyline and impressive visuals, the game gave RPG fans a totally fresh and unique experience. Now after three years in development, the creators of Legacy of Kain, Silicon Knights, are ready to unveil their next masterpiece for the PlayStation, Too Human. Part action game and part RPG, Too Human combines incredible 3D graphics with deep and varied gameplay.

Too Human is a futuristic psychological thriller set in the year is 2450. You take on the role of undercover police officer John Franks. While investigating the death of a fellow officer, Franks gets sucked into an underground world of corporate espionage. As Franks gets exposed to more and more of this high-tech corporate world, we find out that this is a journey of self-discovery as much as anything else. What's so unique about Too Human is the nonlinear storyline, which deals with some very important issues, such as: Is technology changing our lives - for better or worse? Can computers ever really replace mankind? What is the human soul? If there is one thing the people at Silicon Knights have proven to PlayStation owners is that they are great storytellers, and Too Human is a great tale.

Too Human is an action game as much as it is an RPG. There are more than 15 different worlds in the game, spanning four discs. The game is played via a third-person perspective in complete 3D. You have access to more than 15 weapons in Too Human. The cool thing about these weapons is that there are four targeting systems with six ammunition types. You can mix and match different weapons with different targeting systems and ammunition. This definitely adds more depth and variety to the game. It should also be noted that the game is not strictly shooting and killing; you may have to use stealth to achieve objectives. For example, one mission has you hacking into computer systems while trying to avoid detection.

You're probably thinking Too Human is more of an action shooter than an RPG, but there are many things happening under the surface. For example, as you play the game, your character gets faster and more accurate with weapons. In addition, you will be able to cybernetically enhance your character, getting better and stronger. In Too Human, you grow by gaining experience and physically replacing body parts with machinery.

When speaking with the President of Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack, you can feel the excitement in his voice when he talks about Too Human. "The epic nature of the game is what does it for me. Players will be carried away in a detailed and engaging hard science-fiction story. Too Human has over an hour of cinematics, and there are lots of cool characters, both friends and enemies, for the player to interact with during the game. We here think the final game will have over 80 hours of gameplay. Plus, running in high-res at 30fps with no load times, Too Human will be the game of choice when it's released." No load times? What gives? According to Dyack, Silicon Knights is using a method that loads the game at discrete moments to keep the gameplay seamless. "You will never see a loading screen while playing Too Human," Dyack exclaims. "Trust us, the game will blow you away."

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