Too Human not dead yet

Denis Dyack says Silicon Knights intends to finish the trilogy it started with 2008 Xbox 360 exclusive.


Silicon Knights spent nearly a decade creating 2008's Too Human, intending to make it the first installment in a trilogy. While the sci-fi action adventure was critically panned and the studio has gone on to work with Activision on an X-Men game, Silicon Knights hasn't given up on Too Human just yet. In a new interview with Industry Gamers, Silicon Knights president Denis Dyack said the studio wants to return to its original series.

There may be more Too Human before too long.
There may be more Too Human before too long.

"We intend to finish the trilogy but no comment beyond that," Dyack said, adding, "You know, there's very public litigation around that."

The litigation Dyack refers to is a long-standing dispute with Epic Games over the Unreal Engine 3. In July of 2007, Silicon Knights sued Epic over allegedly holding back support of Unreal Engine 3 to reallocate resources to Gears of War development and gain a competitive advantage on its own customers. Epic quickly countersued, accusing the Canadian developer of trying to steal the Unreal Engine 3 technology for its own engine. In March, a judge ruled that both sides' cases were legitimate enough to go to federal court, clearing the way for the dispute to be settled before a jury.

Originally intended as a multidisc epic for the first PlayStation, the game was delayed long enough to be briefly shifted to the GameCube before being put on indefinite hold. As the project sat on the shelf, Silicon Knights developed other projects for Nintendo's pre-Wii console, including Eternal Darkness and the remake Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

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