"Too Hard" Roguelike TumbleSeed Will Get Easier With New Update

Called the 4 Peaks Update.


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An update to procedurally generated roguelike TumbleSeed will make the game easier following criticisms that it was overly difficult.

According to the developers' blog post, only 0.2% of players beat the game, which tasks you with ascending a mountain on a movable balance beam. The mountain has four themed sections before reaching the summit--forest, jungle, desert, and snow--but only 8.3% of players reached the desert due to the sharp difficulty spike there.

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"It's too hard. And it's too hard because there are too many new things going on at once. It's undigestible," developer Greg Wohlwend writes in the post. In each new section of the mountain, there are new enemies, powers, and rules to learn, and on top of that, the mountain is randomly generated each time.

"[T]he issue is not necessarily that the game is too difficult, but that players feel overwhelmed with far too many things to learn at once," he says. "On top of this, they also feel overly punished for not learning them fast enough."

The new 4 Peaks Update on Steam will add four new mountains, each themed after one of the four sections in the original mountain. The mountains will be the same every time you play them, which gives you an opportunity to really learn the unique enemies and systems in each area before tackling the original, very difficult Adventure Mode.

TumbleSeed also suffered "poor Steam sales" after its critical reception. "While I don't think this update will change the course of our success, it does feel really good to know we gave it our all especially when it was hardest to," Wohlwend writes of the update.

You can read the full list of changes in a Steam post. Currently, the update is only available for Steam versions of the game; the developers plan to launch the update on consoles "ASAP."

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May consider if its easier. I can't stand games that are nearly unbeatable.

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Well that's fine, the game is somewhat frustrating, but maybe if it's easier I can actually complete it amongst all of my other games lol.