Tony Hawk says Ride follow-up 'better'

Two months after revealing plans for a sequel to his critically lambasted skateboard game, the famed athlete is claiming Robomodo's next project "already much better than expected."


Following years of development and months of hype about its skateboard peripheral, Tony Hawk: Ride finally landed in November…with a thud. Its critical reception was about as smooth as a skate-wreck video, with GameSpot's own reviewer lambasting the $120 title as a "big ol' rip-off." The game wasn't exactly a sensation at retailers either, selling just 114,000 units in the US during its launch month despite an extensive ad campaign.

"Wait, it gets better…"

Unsurprisingly, Tony Hawk has defended his game both via his Twitter feed and in press interviews. Speaking with GameSpot UK in November, the famed athlete went so far to as to say a sequel was in the works. "We have already started that process," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, it's all systems go with trying to make at least a sequel for this because I feel like we've only just really tapped what's possible with this technology."

Today, Hawk used Twitter to inform the world that work has begun on the unnamed game--which will apparently be an improvement on the original. "Just met with @robomodo about our next project and it's already much better than I expected," he declared.

Besides promising more details "soon," he gave no other information about the project. However, in the November interview, Hawk said that if not a direct skateboarding sequel, Robomodo's top choices would be snowboarding and surfing games, given the fact they could use the skateboard peripheral.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Why not start up the Underground franchise again? Underground 1 is still one of my favorite games, and I think anyone else could agree it is one of the best skateboarding games of all time.

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The least Tony could do for the sequel is to make it compatible with a traditional controller since the skateboard peripheral killed the game.

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Unfortunately Tony, it's way too little way too late. You've completely lost credibility. Your name was once associated with pure awesomeness and garnered respect, but that seems a very long time ago. Your name is now associated with overpriced peripherals and lame gameplay, and an altogether lack of excellence. Your stuff isn't even fun any more. Stop hyping crap. No one believes you anymore anyway. It's time to re-boot. Fire everyone. Start from scratch. Get a new idea and a new developer and take time to do it right and make it excellent. Otherwise, no one will care, and your name will be synonomous with shoddy products that are gimmicky and overpriced. Go into hiding, and follow the lead of Batman and Star Trek. Say nothing until lauch and surprise us all with something new, amazing and fun. Otherwise, walk away before your name is nothing but mud.

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It's not hard to build something better than a pile of poop.

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It'll be BETTER? OMFG DAY ONE!!!! lol sarcasm :P

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Do not want.

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The boat sailed after Pro Skater 4. Well enough should have been left alone then.

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The sequel to TONY HAWKS RIDE can be explained with the following 3 words :- horrible, glitchy and suck****. Oh by the way $10 says he will charge $200 for the peripheral.

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actually what he meant by that statement is the dev team just play tested it and it went from HOLY %*^*^*^*^ thats horrible to good god this game is crap...progress gentlemen

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"better" doesn't mean much considering a teenager's input could have made it "better". He needs to stick to whatever it is he does and start realizing that skateboarding only keeps you famous as long as you keep skateboarding.

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Bet their going to make Tony Hawk Ride 3, 4, and 5. By then the game should be at least playable

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Actually I think 114,000 sales for a title this expensive and unpopular is surprisingly good. Have no idea if that makes it profitable or not, but it could still be worse. It really depends on how it sold after that first month...

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"Better than expected." I'm gonna guess that expectations for Ride 2 would be less than 114,000 due to the majority (speculation) of owners of the first blindly bought it because it was a great concept (it was). So Tony, that's not saying much.

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Tony... just cash the check and admit your games have bitten the big one for 5+ years. (being generous)

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Unlike most people here I actually loved the TH sereis even with undeground,2,wasteland, and project 8 but then proving ground came out and well I thought the next year would be better. I got the ds game th motion and asked myself, what the f*ck is this!? Still in denial i thought ride would be good. then i saw a preview showing off some modes included in the motion game. Tony your sereis is dead even for me.

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@Cwagmire21 your avatar icon goes perfectly with this article. "congrats tony hawk. not really. you suck."

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the tony hawk franchise needs to die almost as much as sonic

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why? just why

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"already much better than expected" LOL Your only bulls****** yourself Tony.

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Loooool 114,000 BigSpikeyV,damn thats brutal and very expensive.

Avatar image for Cwagmire21

I don't get it. The last good TH game in like 2002. Why do they keep making them?

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They should really stop wasting their money on Tony Hawk games. One or two bad games in a long running series like the Tony Hawk games is forgivable, but another Tony Hawk Ride after years of horrible games? Really?

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Well, only about 114,000 people hope this game will be better.

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Future Gamespot Score: 4.0 will thats better rite?

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tony hawk was only good because it used to be the only skateboarding game I also feel sorry for tony he cant play skate skate>tony hawk i sure hope he reads this

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It get's better ROFLMFAO that's good1 tony tell us another f#$% lie Think i speak for everyone trash the damn skateboard and give us proskater back

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Saying the next "Ride" will be better is like me telling you next time i kick you in the balls will be better then the 1st time. They have been so far off the mark lately they need to be telling us "The next ride will be a compleatly new game and we have taken a step back, to see how the genre's evolved to make our game simply the best!" Now before people cry.... Im not saying copy the skate series, even though i think thats the best skateboarding game yet!!(yes better then skate or die! there i said it). Im talking in terms mainly of realisim. Maby we do still want a game that more fun, so we can just bash Triangle to grind(notice no mention of a silly board!?, but please, enough of the massive combos, 30min grinds and 100ft jumps!!

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Blizzard should slap Activision for wasting their money on these godawful games.

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the tony hawk skating games are one of many game franchises that should be frozen for a decade or longer so that once enough time has passed the developers will have so many new ideas and concepts the game will be almost original and inventive again.

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I wasn't a fan of it, but Skate It with the balancing board is much better than this.

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Of course THAWK would say this.

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@punkpunker Yeah... just look where peripherals have gotten us - Guitar Hero being one of the most annoying series' to date (though, it IS activision...) and Ride appears to be heading down that same road - but taking a side-route to the emergency room due to a broken leg... (Seriously... it's *basically* real skateboard, but rather than physics being on your side, physics are completely against you.)

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lol this is still alive?

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Sorry Tony, Skate 3 will be better.

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Just proves that the devs are dumb as wet dirt: They hear people complain about $59.99 games, so they come out with something that works half as well and costs twice as much, and wonder why it does not sell.... I guess if the devs ever lose their jobs they can become NFL refs (that NFC championship game tells me the min IQ is VERY low)

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So it's going to be "better" now, Tony Hawk is it? sure. i believe you. have fun trying to sell your mediocre junk to the masses.

Avatar image for -Fromage-

Yeah okay Tony. He himself said the first one was good, but it wasnt. So consider expectations to be low.

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People are a little too critical over RIDE, hopefully RIDE 2 or whatever it's going to be called will have fixed these problems.

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THPS5 would be the game i've been waiting and waiting for. i honestly dig the peripheral concept. I'm too old for handrails anymore.

Avatar image for rav44

THPS5 anyone?

Avatar image for pondarosa

Um, sorry. You don't release a weak as hell game, make people (just a few fortunately), pay over $100 for it, and then just a couple of months later tell people to wait for the sequel just to get something decent. You just don't do that. At the very least the could apologize for releasing a game that weak to the market if they already acknowledge that somthing in teh works is going to be "much better than [they] expected".

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The Skate peripheral is great!... I'm using it to keep papers from flying off my desk.

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"Tony Hawk has defended his game both via his Twitter feed and in press interviews" Mr.Hawk, Get it through your thick skull, Your games from Wasteland to RIDE have all but sucked.

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I still hold out hope for this concept and Robomoto. Ride was definitely something that felt like a concept game rather than something that was fully polished. What I believe they need to do is take what worked decently from Ride and polish those aspects. For instance, half pipe came off as extremely awkward and they should rethink entirely. On the other hand, grinding was fun and felt good. Ollies felt good as well, although keeping the board from pulling a kickflip when performing one was a challenge. In my opinion they shouldn't have added so many tricks in the first game.

Avatar image for oskuuu

lolled :D

Avatar image for bored_gamer

I don't play skater games anymore since the Pro Skater series and the only ones I played were the first, second and third. ever since skate and skate 2, Hawk's games haven't been doing good

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@ okassar: I agree, LOL.

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some one said to me "something thats trash should not make trash part 2" ride was trully trash, the other tony hawk games before it were cool.