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Tony Hawk says Ride follow-up 'better'

Two months after revealing plans for a sequel to his critically lambasted skateboard game, the famed athlete is claiming Robomodo's next project "already much better than expected."


Following years of development and months of hype about its skateboard peripheral, Tony Hawk: Ride finally landed in November…with a thud. Its critical reception was about as smooth as a skate-wreck video, with GameSpot's own reviewer lambasting the $120 title as a "big ol' rip-off." The game wasn't exactly a sensation at retailers either, selling just 114,000 units in the US during its launch month despite an extensive ad campaign.

"Wait, it gets better…"

Unsurprisingly, Tony Hawk has defended his game both via his Twitter feed and in press interviews. Speaking with GameSpot UK in November, the famed athlete went so far to as to say a sequel was in the works. "We have already started that process," he said. "As far as I'm concerned, it's all systems go with trying to make at least a sequel for this because I feel like we've only just really tapped what's possible with this technology."

Today, Hawk used Twitter to inform the world that work has begun on the unnamed game--which will apparently be an improvement on the original. "Just met with @robomodo about our next project and it's already much better than I expected," he declared.

Besides promising more details "soon," he gave no other information about the project. However, in the November interview, Hawk said that if not a direct skateboarding sequel, Robomodo's top choices would be snowboarding and surfing games, given the fact they could use the skateboard peripheral.

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