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Tony Hawk Maps Are Being Modded Into Skater XL

The classic skating franchise is worming its way into new games.


Skater XL left Early Access last month and some players have been slightly disappointed with how bare bones the final package is. Modders have been trying to add new content to spice it up--including maps and other items from the Tony Hawk franchise.

Fans have recreated boards, clothing, and some maps from multiple games including Tony Hawk's Underground and the Skate franchise (gabrielfluorite recreated Skate 3's Sanatorium). Modder Aaronb543 remade the New Jersey map from Tony Hawk's Underground from 2003.

Tony Hawk's Underground Map in Skater XL
Tony Hawk's Underground Map in Skater XL

"It's a great sized map with a huge amount of spots and creativity," he wrote. "You'll find an entrance to the skate store to the left and the bedroom is also accessible."

Skater XL, developed by Long Beach-based Easy Day Studios, is a more complicated skater than the classic Tony Hawk games. It has physics-based gameplay and an independent foot control system that gives players tighter control over their board. It currently has mixed reviews on GameSpot sister site Metacritic. It launched in early access in 2018 before officially launching in July of this year. Skater XL joins other skating games like SkateBIRD in trying to rejuvenate the genre.

Modders have implemented all sorts of improvements to Skater XL, including tools that let you adjust the in-game gravity, menus, physics and more. The game only launched last month so it's likely that modders will bring more to the game as well.

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