TombStar Is The Next Game From Crossy Road Creator Andy Sum

Crossy Road creator Andy Sum and game designer Marcus Grambau's next game is a top-down shooter influenced by late '80s morning cartoons.


Crossy Road creator Andy Sum and game designer Marcus Grambau have revealed TombStar, a new top-down shooter with space Western elements, and a visual design that was influenced by late '80s morning cartoons.

At the edge of the Frontier Galaxy, players will have to fight back against the Grimheart Gang, using one of three unique renegade heroes to survive procedurally generated stages laced with bullet hell obstacles.

Descenders and Hypnospace Outlaw publisher No More Robots will handle publishing duties for the roguelike game, which also features loot-collecting gameplay with plenty of weapons to pick up along the way.

You'll need plenty of firepower, as each of the four deadly planets that you visit will have their own lethal dangers to contend with in the TombStar system.

TombStar is currently scheduled to launch at beginning of 2021 on PC and unspecified consoles, with a closed beta on Steam coming later this year that players can now sign up for.

Sum’s Crossy Road game earned a positive reception upon release in 2014, making over $10 million over 50 million downloads within the first three months of its release.

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