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Tomb Raiders Reloaded Launches This Valentine's Day, Pre-Registration Up Now

The upcoming mobile title will be the first roguelike in the series.


Tomb Raider Reloaded finally has a definitive release date, with players now able to pre-register to play it when it launches next month.

First soft-launched in select regions in Asia in 2021, the first roguelike in the series will be launching on iOS and Android February 14, with users on the latter platform available to pre-register to play right now. iOS users can sign up on the game's website to be notified on the day it launches. Netflix subscribers will find the game in the app the same day it releases, with that version not containing any ads or in-game purchases. Players who pre-register will also be given a golden version of Lara Croft's dual pistols to add a bit more flair to the adventure.

Keeley Hawes also returns as Lara Croft for the first time since 2014, when she played the character in the Temple of Osiris, as well as other titles like Legend, Anniversary, Underworld, and the Guardian of Light.

Gameplay is obviously different from the main series, it being a roguelike, though there is still a mixture of light puzzle-solving and action combat. As Lara Croft, players are tasked with obtaining the ancient Scion artifact, facing some "new and familiar enemies," along the way. There are permanent rewards that players can unlock, like "XP modifiers, runes that improve Lara’s stats, and manuals used to unlock and upgrade her outfits," including her bomber jacket.

Reloaded will also have players revisiting various classic locations like the City of Vilcabamba, the Lost Valley, and St. Francis' Folly, as well as encountering past characters like Winstno, Anaya Imanu, and Werner Von Croy.

As for the main series, last month Crystal Dynamics announced that Amazon Games would be publishing the next Tomb Raider game, though there aren't too many details on it just yet.

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