Tomb Raider VII coming summer 2005?

Creators of the Lara Croft comic book say the game heroine's next adventure is a year away; Eidos refuses to comment.


In April, an Eidos financial report confirmed what was already widely known--that a seventh Tomb Raider game is in the works.

Over the weekend, gamers got an answer about when Tomb Raider VII will be released--from an unlikely source. In a press release (viewable via a post), Top Cow Productions announced they are temporarily halting production of the Tomb Raider comic book. According to the post, the comic "will relaunch in conjunction with the release of the seventh Tomb Raider video game in the summer of 2005."

Since Top Cow is "participating in the redesign of the new game," the comic-book publisher should be in the know regarding its ship date. However, Eidos would neither confirm nor deny a summer 2005 release for Tomb Raider VII. "We're not announcing an official date," said an American representative of the Britain-based publisher.

Little is known about the seventh Tomb Raider game's story or design. What is known is that, following Angel of Darkness' poor sales, Eidos ended its development agreement with Core Design Ltd. Crystal Dynamics is currently developing the new game with, according to some reports, the input of Ion Storm founder Warren Spector.

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