Tomb Raider Trilogy bundles up March 22

PS3-exclusive Lara Croft compilation of Underworld, Anniversary, Legend priced at $40.


Fans of the crafty Lara Croft won't get their hands on the adventurer's recently announced origin story for some time, but those wishing to relive the older stories can pick up a remastered collection in just two months.

The Lara Croft three-pack hits in March.
The Lara Croft three-pack hits in March.

Sony has confirmed that the Tomb Raider Trilogy will drop on March 22 (as suggested by an Amazon product listing), exclusively on the PlayStation 3. The bundle will include Tomb Raider: Underworld, as well as high-definition remastered versions of Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Tomb Raider: Legend. Additionally, the Tomb Raider Trilogy will include (also as suggested) Lara Croft and Viking Thrall avatars for use in Sony's PlayStation Home, as well as a static Lara Croft-minded theme for the PS3.

The pack will join the trilogy ranks of the Sly Collection, which was released on November 9, and the Splinter Cell trilogy, also due out March 22. There's also still the possibility of a Prince of Persia three-pack, although the likely games in that rumored compilation--the Sands of Time trilogy--have already been released as stand-alone downloadable titles on the PlayStation Network.

For more on the Tomb Raider Trilogy's bundled titles, check out GameSpot's reviews of Tomb Raider: Legend, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and Tomb Raider: Underworld.

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Avatar image for professorXzaver

the seperate xbox 360 versions look better. 360 graphics > PS3 graphics

Avatar image for LOVERPS3

is that mean this is a new game or what ,of tomb raider oh i love this game so i hope somebody tell me about this one:)

Avatar image for yaba

Ratchet and Clank rerelease for the PS3 would be awesome, while we're on the subject.

Avatar image for ersten

Jak and Daxter on PS3 would be amazing. TR trilogy is pointless. They'd better release the first three of the series.

Avatar image for DillTurnips

wheres the Jak and Daxter collection? u'd think that would be a top choice, but i guess people forgot about it after Ratchet and Clank got more popular...

Avatar image for CheesmanMuncher

"There's also still the possibility of a Prince of Persia three-pack, although the likely games in that rumored compilation--the Sands of Time trilogy--have already been released as stand-alone downloadable titles on the PlayStation Network." You guys need to pay more attention. I've just found it on =/ It's already out. Link: << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for lamprey263

I'd get it if I didn't already have these games on the Xbox 360, this is a good deal for everybody else though that hasn't yet touched these games

Avatar image for Novemberfreeze

@Goodemon hell yea! those trilogies were beautiful!

Avatar image for gamegoliath

@DragonessAthena. That's what I'm talking about! I still play Soul Reaver on my PS3!

Avatar image for slainta

Ok that it is only $40.. But why not have the 2 remastered games at $30 plus an option to buy Underworld adding $10-15 for the people whom doesn't have it already (like most of the PS3 Lara's fan)?

Avatar image for Shaoran_Li

I hope they please please PLEASE stick with the "PS2" Lara graphics. That and enhanced to HD, not the "next-gen" 360 ones. She doesn't look as better there.

Avatar image for supernaught360

@DragonessAthena People need to get off your neck with the thumbs down for that comment. Probably a bunch of 5 year olds that never played the Legacy Of Kain series? Or maybe those games "harsh their day"? Whatever the reason, you're right, they're wrong. They've been ramming Tomb Raider games down our throats for quite long enough, thanks. I'll wait for the new game in the series, HOPING they get it back on track...

Avatar image for Siamak8286

@Zloth2 yeah man I've tried that nVidia 3D on couple games and its pretty cool thou it gives me headache since im also using glasses for my eye too but never got around using it on tomb raider, i might try it soon...

Avatar image for Zloth2

@Siamak8286, you should see it using 3D Vision! Come to think of it... PS3 can do some 3D now. I wonder....

Avatar image for SuperMessy

I hope Square releases a Final Fantasy HD collection next, or at least Kingdom Hearts. :D

Avatar image for zzamaro

@TheArcade "All this because Sony removed backwards compatibility." Were you born yesterday? On the Ps2 times, there were also compilations which included Ps1 games: Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, Mega Man X Collection to name a few and we all know PS2 could play most of PS1 games. You need to grow up.

Avatar image for goodemon

OMG this is a great value for 2 great games (Anniversary and Legend) and 1 so-so game (underworld) Can't wait to earn those trophies, and for all you fanboys out there...YES WE NEED A LEGACY OF KAIN COLLECTION and JAK AND DAXTER TRILOGY!

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

Dear Crystal Dynamics, stop making/rereleasing Tomb Raider games and focus on the vastly superior Legacy of Kain games.

Avatar image for pszone

know since selling my ps2 and ps3 its worth every penny this hd collection and plus cant wait wrich one next gta hd collection next plz plz

Avatar image for DennisWZH

im hoping yakuza gets a collection since i wanted to play yakuza 3, but i havent played the other 2 prequels yet.

Avatar image for Arcadia_Roxas

Eh, gives Tomb Raider fans something to get, but I'm more interested in Kingdom Hearts and Ratchet & Clank getting collections.

Avatar image for monco59

@ Ex-DarkBlade: "I never played Tome Raider games, I guess this collection will catch me up to what I missed." It most certainly won't. Which begs the question, why not offer the original trilogy instead?

Avatar image for PHILRYABKIN

Ok I think im sold.

Avatar image for LeoLex_

ill play anniversary if it's the remake of the original.. legend i dont intend playing... underworld wasnt bad on the PS2 or 360 i cant remember.

Avatar image for Ex-DarkBlade

I never played Tome Raider games, I guess this collection will catch me up to what I missed.

Avatar image for WhitedogRT

Any word on whether Legend and Anniversary will be the PS2 editions upscaled, or the 360/PC versions? I'm hoping for the latter, Legend looked great on 360.

Avatar image for TheArcade

All this because Sony removed backwards compatibility.

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

worth buying if you need to catch up on Lara's adventures.

Avatar image for Ultrabeatdown55


Avatar image for newhighscore

damn. i got all kindsa excited thinkin this was gonna be the original 3 tomb raiders from the psx. i still consider the 1st to be one of the best games ever and it got me back into gaming. gonna pass on this one. waste of a bundle if u ask me.

Avatar image for Siamak8286

i have all 3 on Steam and im sure still looks better on PC at max setting with all the fancy thing you can do with your GFX Control panel, i might pick it up but then again i feel it's waste of money...