Tomb Raider Movie's First Trailer Looks Like The Games

"Close the tomb, once and for all."

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UPDATE 2: And the trailer is back! You can watch it in the trailer above, and "making of" trailer below.

UPDATE: Due to a takedown notice, we have removed the trailer the player above. However, we expect the trailer to launch (again) very soon. We'll update this story with the trailer again once it's live.

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The original story appears below.

As promised, the full trailer for Tomb Raider is here. Alicia Vikander stars as Lara Croft, and the movie certainly looks like it will live up to director Roar Uthaug's earlier suggestion that the 2013 reboot game would be a big influence, with some moments taken directly from the game. The trailer was originally published on Instagram by co-star Daniel Wu, but it has since been removed, though you can still watch it above.

The film also stars Dominic West (The Wire) as Lara's father, Walton Goggins (Sons of Anarchy) as the villain, and Daniel Wu (Warcraft) as a ship captain who works with Lara on her adventure.

Uthaug's previous movie was the disaster epic The Wave, and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Vikander reveals that shooting Tomb Raider was a similarly water-drenched experience. "Just like in The Wave, we have a lot of water sequences," she said. "I spent my last two days of shooting in a tank and that was my 16th total day being fully drenched or submerged in the water. For one action scene, we used the London venue for Olympic rafting. They threw me down that river--with my hands tied--about 50 times. I didn't need to act, just react!"

Tomb Raider hits theaters on March 16, 2018. On the gaming side, while no new Tomb Raider has been announced, a sequel to Rise of the Tomb Raider is likely, as the 2013 reboot has been described as part of a trilogy. A leak last year suggested the name of the third game is Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

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Avatar image for phili878

It is official. Women with big boobs not allowed to play action roles anymore in movies from games where the original protagonist had big breasts. I am so sick of what this world is becoming....Original aspects of characters have to vanquish because it would otherwise be too sexy or anti-feminist, ****, whatever....not going to watch this.

Avatar image for t0mmgunn

@phili878: The breasts of Lara Croft were only so big too sell the game more. It does nothing for the character or the story. So I think it is a smart move to cast a different body type. Heck, lately Lara's breast are a lot smaller in the game.

Avatar image for Mogan

@phili878: I mean, Ghost in the Shell was just this year.

Avatar image for maverick5683

@phili878: If you don't think this actress is sexy I wonder if you are attracted to women?

Avatar image for maverick5683

@greaseman1985: This actress, Alicia Vikander, is what a woman looks like. Women have many different body types. I think Alicia is beautiful.

Avatar image for alucardswrath


Yeah if you're into reptiles, then yes she's beautiful.

The actress who gave her voice and likeness to the reboot Lara Croft, now SHE is beautiful.

Avatar image for maverick5683

@alucardswrath: That's harsh man, curious what you might look like to be in a position to throw out such criticisms. She has a very pretty face and is in phenomenal shape; she obviously takes care of herself.

Avatar image for phili878

@maverick5683: sigh....

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@phili878: Or perhaps it's that the producers hired who they thought could best play the role regardless of breast size.

Avatar image for phili878

@zmanbarzel: They hired someone based on the general movement that is going on at the moment regarding Hollywood. Big-breasts are OUT, so Flat-chest is IN, ok, fine by me but not when replacing ORIGINAL characters, the original Tom Raider had Lara with big boobs, period. But since big muscles are OUT now as well at Hollywood, I am not surprised if the next Rambo or Terminator will be played by some skinny Dan DeHaan.... Why can't Hollywood not let the original be original for once. Heck, even Angelina Jolie in the first Tom Raider movie was ok with me since she wasn't exactly big-chested, but a complete teeny looking flat-chest is just too much out of the original. Sounds silly perhaps for some, but I hate when movies are made from games (which most suck btw), especially because the protagonists and antagonists have NOTHING to with how they were represented in the game itself....

Avatar image for maverick5683

@phili878: You don't consider Angelina Jolie big-chested?

The original Lara Croft's body type is not realistic, and finding someone who fit those proportions without significant cosmetic surgery would be nearly impossible. The actress playing her now isn't flat chested, she has breasts proportional to her size.

Avatar image for guudgidga

@phili878: I hate extreme feminism too, but to complain about an adaptation because the protagonist is flat-chested? You need to start seeing some girls.

Avatar image for phili878

@guudgidga: I am married bro and have my plenty share of boobs, but I play Tomb Raider games since the original and I want to feel the nostalgia when watching a movie, it brings out the original Lara Craft more. This whole anti-big-boob movement going on at Hollywood at the moment is pissing me off, at least find an actress that somewhat resembles the original Lara, so med-size chests ok with me but some flat chested teeny looking actress has zero to do with Lara Croft. That is like watching Dane DeHaan be the direct replacement of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the Terminator franchise.

Avatar image for theironsaint

@phili878: holy shit, dude. You're married and you act like this over a character/actress' breast size? Yeah. Your wife picked a real winner. Grow up.

Avatar image for Mogan

@phili878: Watch the old Tomb Raider movies. They made two of these things with Angelina Jolie. They both sucked, but hey, she's got big old boobies for your nostalgia.

Avatar image for phili878

@Mogan: This movie (by judging the trailer) will be about 100000x worse.

Avatar image for Mogan

@phili878: Than the Angelina Jolie ones? I don't know how that's possible; those movies were hot garbage. Right up there with Hitman and Resident Evil.

This looks more like Assassin's Creed; fair to middling.

Avatar image for phili878

@Mogan: it is going to suck, the trailer was the biggest cliche shit ever, so I doubt it will be any better than the previous bad tom raider movie (which is always the case if the producers aren't gamers).

Avatar image for wicked_laugh

Betting that 'I'll take two' scene is towards the end of the movie, or a credits scene.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@wicked_laugh: Seems like a safe bet. I didn't even know Nick Frost (or Kristin Scott Thomas, for that matter) was in this movie until this trailer.

Avatar image for doremonhg9x

Ugh. The action is... good, I suppose? But the actor's facial expression was so abysmally bad I hardly see anything resembling a "personality" behind those emotions. Play the game (both the reboot and its sequel) and you will agree with me that Lara's facial expression inside every cutscene adds that much-needed feeling of "stakes". It makes sure you know that she know that she is in mortal danger, and that every moment could be her last. Sadness, despair, furious, cheery, terrified, .... She's got it all.

Here, you see a girl who's never wield a gun before, casually travelling into uncharted territory, got knocked unconcious and tied up without showing anything resembling emotions other than the confuse stare. Yes, I know it's her dad but could you please try harder at looking surprised?

I swear, who casted this girl?

Avatar image for olddadgamer

@doremonhg9x: Still say, don't know why they didn't cast Camilla Luddington, who was fantastic in the games AND did all the motion capture, in the movie. She's a good actress, she's a good Lara Croft, she knows the role, she looks the role. She'd've been perfect. And I don't think it's a "star power" thing, as, ok, fine, this actress has SOME star power, but she's hardly Scarlet Johannsen or something.

Missed opportunity for good casting.

Moderator Online
Avatar image for bukmeikara


Apart from the star factor, the chick that voices Lara in the games is born in 1983 while Alicia in 1988. The idea is to make another movie or two, after all the games had an enourmous success(2013-2015 ones). By the time they can make a 3rd one, it would be around 2021-2022. Camilla would be near 40 by then and she would have to play a character in his midd/late 20's.

Avatar image for depman1972

Looks very good.

Avatar image for 404FredNotFound

Personally I think this movie got srysly miss casted, and not because shes flat chested has many idiots keep pointing out, but I srysly don't feel it with Alicia Vikander as Lara, from all I'v seen she seems forced and uncomfortable in it, even Angelina Jolie's Lara felt allot more natural to the role.

Then theres a trailer with cringe worthy dialog in it.... Lets see how it goes with this one, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Avatar image for TashunkoSapa

Looks good, except for the lead actress. As expected, she looks goofy and out of place. Lara needs to be played by someone more... physical.

Her voice is nice though.

Avatar image for oflow

Shoulda had Camilla Luddington be in the movie.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@oflow: Camilla Luddington no longer looks like she can pull off an early 20s role.

Avatar image for Huantalahnmi

So the game will be a better movie than the movie itself.

Avatar image for asnakeneverdies

Originally, I would never have thought it possible for the writing in recent games to become further impaired by any sensible human effort. They really outdid themselves this time!

Avatar image for Gaming-Planet

The script and acting seems horrible in comparison to the video game.

"If you're watching this, I might be dead."

"I promise."

Very cheesy and cliche.

Avatar image for ice-milk


My thoughts exactly.

"If they succeed the world is in danger!"

"You Shouldn't Have Come Here!"

Epic cheese I say.

Avatar image for GunEye

@ice-milk: you guys are totally right! Damn

Avatar image for ivory_soul

Looks like an overly CG'd action flick with more brawns than brain. Why OH WHY don't the studios just use the actors who played the characters? They acted everything in front of a green screen. I just beg any move studio to use the real actors. Instead of using Nolan North as Nathan Drake they wanted to use MARK WAHLBERG?! (Thank god they canceled it), but seriously guys? She doesn't even remind me of Lara Croft. At least in the new TR reboot, the new Lara still felt like Lara. I have a feeling this is going to bomb.

Avatar image for rtehrani

A takedown notice? You would think that the studio would want as many people to see the trailer as possible. Curious about this...

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

The trailer for this is just... terrible.

And the poster looks like she got a head transplant to someone with a much smaller body than hers, while keeping both necks.

Avatar image for bdrtfm

I just can't picture anyone but Jolie as Croft. The movies weren't exactly stellar but, she was a great Croft.

Avatar image for lokostilll

@bdrtfm: I thought I would too but I'm digging this one. She looks more natural.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

I didn't think I'd say this, but the old Tomb Raider movies looked better than this trailer. Hopefully it was just shoddy editing or something.

Avatar image for jZangetsu21

@lionheartssj1: I think the movie might be pretty good but I agree, the trailer is really badly done.

Avatar image for yukushi

I use to hold my breath hoping for a good video game movie, but after years of holding my breath I ran out of air so I gave up.

Avatar image for Tekcor

Why can’t I find a widescreen trailer?

Avatar image for igorphoenix

@Tekcor: because it was basically leaked through Instagram.

Avatar image for bfa1509

When I read "looks like the games" I was hoping the original Tomb Raider games when Lara was classy and mysterious, rather than the empty feminist, rapist beating Lara, bastardised in the latest games.

Avatar image for wrngsurgeon

@bfa1509: yeah those rapists have it rough.

Avatar image for zmanbarzel

@wrngsurgeon: Plenty of good people on both sides of the rape issue.