Tomb Raider logs 1 million players

Latest Lara Croft game from Crystal Dynamics sees seven-figure player base in under 48 hours following launch.


More than 1 million gamers have played Tomb Raider in its first 48 hours after launching on Tuesday, according to a tweet from global brand director Karl Stewart. It's not clear if this figure is all sales or just those who have played the game online since launch.

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Stewart also noted that additional shipments of Tomb Raider are now heading to stores that may be running low on stock.

Tomb Raider is available today for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. It is the first core entry in the series since 2008's Tomb Raider: Underworld.

For more on Tomb Raider, check out GameSpot's review.

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her tits got smaller... is she supposed to be younger in this game?

Avatar image for Superabound

Turns out that if you make a great game and then advertise it, people will play it

Avatar image for Rioichi21Cooper

Congrats CD!

Avatar image for SeannTHEsheep

i liked how the uncharted series was pretty much inspired by tomb raider and took its mechanics and exploration to the next level. 3 games later and the tomb raider reboot takes the mechanics and exploration and action movie style set pieces to the next level. its good to see developers see good ideas from other sources and improve and adapt. tomb raider worked out great and i look forward to another.

Avatar image for 1947gamer

What I have played of the game so far is great. The environments are amazing. The only problem I have found is she can't climb ropes or polls. I hope they get in later when she gets adapted more.

Avatar image for Mark_HD

Glad to see this game doing well in sales, It's my favorite game of the year so far. I like it even more than Uncharted 2.

Avatar image for hadlee73

Good work Crystal Dynamics. Well deserved.

Avatar image for tsiuan

This game is always great of the oldest PC games since 1996 first tomb raider.

in this latest episode, I liked the new future TressFX for Lara's hairs ..its moving amazing like real. however, i dont understand how Nvidia Gforce series card doesnt support it :( i can't play ..even I'm disabling Tessallation OFF, and normal quality hairs still its banning me out. i have amazing system and i know Nvidia is currently working on it. i hope they release patch soon

Avatar image for ishsgames

@tsiuan You see, nvidia usually runs every game perfectly due to a payment sent to each company so they can optimize it for their hard ware, whereas AMD needs to make their drivers AFTER they get all the codes for the game itself, thus leading them to delivering horrible drivers....INITIALLY!

This time, crystal was partnered with AMD the entire time and they implemented THEIR (sorry for caps lock, don't want you to misinterpret) own effect...tressFX and obviously the game was optimized for AMD because they were there with crystal the whole time. Even when you get the drivers, the 7000 series from AMD was amazing, and their hard ware, you must admit, blew nvidia away, therefore, you will have a hard time running tesselation and tressfx regardless. I am running Tomb Raider on a Sapphire HD 7950 OCED to 1 GHz at 40 to 60 FPS, it is beautiful artistically.

Avatar image for tsiuan

@ishsgames @tsiuan dude, you're totally right i agreed with you on this case, this is just disappointing ..many ppls says when you disabled Tessallation, TressFX off game will never crash . but its not even working :) i tried last night .. just giving me more time (duration) to play ..thats all. again and over again its crashing , kicking me back to window. runtime error .lets wait until new card driver from NVIDIA, i also made downgrade driver 310.x etc.. tried 3 difference previous updates .. still didnt work.. i love this game :( i have to wait.. nothing to do...

Avatar image for tsiuan

@H_FIRE @tsiuan @ishsgames hahathha :) yeah you're right..I'm also 33 years old, and playing PC games more than 20 years. never stopped to play such amazing games but only PC. never liked that console shits PS3, XBox lol .. i have family, job like you and really hard to find some space to have fun on my high-end PC :) but somehow, finding time to play and chill some lol .. dont play this game on your 570 till NVIDIA officially announced new update (patch) release.. they're working on it.

Avatar image for H_FIRE

@tsiuan @ishsgames Good thing i didn't play it yet then, not sure if my 570 can even run it decently. 'Sides, i have such a huge backlog of games awaiting's always hard to play catch-up when you have a kid,job and are yourself a sportsman :)

Avatar image for 02050muh

this game got nothing on Ni No Kuni

Avatar image for _Silent_Jay_

@02050muh Apples have nothing on oranges. Oranges have nothing on apples.

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78

I thinks this is a game which was hottest on PS1???

Avatar image for petez34

nice graphics aside, is this game like your average shooter or does it have puzzles to figure out or both? I read many people love it and others say it doesn't do TR justice. I'm still wondering...

Avatar image for ZRavN

@petez34 The game has a mixture of both. Its a different feeling game than previous tomb raiders. There is more emphasis on action and big scripted moments. There are open areas where there is some platforming and traversal stuff but there are not huge complex areas to navigate and the game is fairly linear. There are some light puzzles to solve but they were not the emphasis for most of the game. If you like action adventure games and third person shooters this is a very well made and polished game that is very exciting and has a well paced story and good characters. PC version looks amazing also.

Personally, I like action games more than I liked the previous style of tomb raider. But I can understand why fans of the previous ones would be disappointing that the game is not so similar to them.

Avatar image for ranzikiel

Really love this game..Great reboot :)

Avatar image for stevenemmanuel

all of them got frustrated with sim city's server problem, so they went to gamestop to buy tomb raider

Avatar image for thekorican

Single player is great just a little short. MP is just a waste of time.

Avatar image for sakajo

can anyone tell me if theres any boobage in this game?

Avatar image for King-gamer

This is how you reboot a series, Capcom.

Avatar image for Armyboy5

@King-gamer shut it. DMC was awesome

Avatar image for Grimkillah

@King-gamer Actually the new DMC isn't that bad. I enjoyed both DMC4 and the reboot.

Avatar image for King-gamer

@Grimkillah I have yet to play DmC yet so it's hard to comment on gameplay. But gameplay alone, is not the sole reason, if at all. It's combination of everything, bad PR, and how Capcom treated their franchise and their fans by basically telling them that they are all stupid, you will like what we make, and keep blaming fans for their mistakes. And when sales didn't meet expectations, they blame fans again. Now how can one expect fans to support a company like this?

Also the new Tomb Raider reboot is still instantly recognizable as Tomb Raider. DmC just isn't. Capcom just doesn't know how to handle anything.

Avatar image for King-gamer

@ZRavN @King-gamer @Grimkillah True for gameplay at least, but aesthetically, style it still feels spiritually like Tomb Raider. Of course, DmC just went in the opposite direction. similar gameplay completely different aesthetics and style. But really the main reason for DmC's poor performance is really how Capcom handled the negativity from fans. Capcom has no right to blame anyone like they did.

Avatar image for ZRavN

@King-gamer @Grimkillah I disagree. DMC feels closer to the previous games than tomb raider does. The biggest change in DMC is mostly with the story telling and aesthetic direction. Tomb raider on the other hand changes the story telling and the fundamental gameplay in a lot of major ways. But I think both reboots were very solid games in their own right.

Avatar image for slainta

"It's not clear if this figure is all sales or just those who have played the game online since launch". So, where 1 million logged or what?

Avatar image for startman_1999

EA take notes. Game is excellent.

Avatar image for kelborn3

Tried it and enjoyed it. When steam hits the 75% sale will definetely buy it. Its fucking worth it. Dunno about the people out there complaining but its definetely one of the best remakes in recent gaming history. Im looking forward to further adventures with the current tomb raider model series. Welcome back Lara!!!!

Avatar image for Landsharkk

@kelborn3 I'm confused, you say you'll buy it at 75% off then say it's 'worth it'. Are you suggesting it's not worth paying full price for right now? I.E. You are telling people they should wait for it to be like $20 or less before buying?

Would that kind of put it as a not so great game for the full price?

Avatar image for kelborn3

@Landsharkk @kelborn3 No im just saying i cant afford it at such a high price. If u can spend 50 euros for every game that comes out then by all means go ahead and buy it. I on the other hand prefer to buy games at bargain sales like 10 or 20 euros or even less. Nothing to do with the game rather than my own financial status atm xd. As for the last part its definetely worth it and its a great game.

Avatar image for jenovaschilld

Fun game, but this game is really just too short! Me and a friend played it old school- get to play till you die- and beat it in less then a night. (I will not state the hours as those who have not played will not be looking up at the clock- which is like a spoiler) I mean it is really short and we played through all of the tombs or special puzzle areas.

Yes, there is multiplayer but really neither one of us could give a rats ass about TR multiplayer. I think they should have taken the team that was used for multiplayer and had them add at least 5 more hours of gameplay. And not timed button press game play but real puzzle, exploration, combat, story line game-play.

While this is a otherwise a fine game I could not recommend it to anyone unless it clocked in more hours - I am not even talking about 30-40 hrs - but this game should have been held back till summer with some much added hours. 60$ is just not worth it.

This also brings up an issue all here have commented on- DLC, and tacked on Multiplayer/ online content for no damn reason. Is this the future : short games with downloadable levels for sale a few weeks later? Square is becoming EA, and from now on I am voting with my dollars. I am just gonna have to wait till the price drops and the content is worth the cost.

Avatar image for Jago-Vs-Fulgore


I agree. Great game but my goodness its a short one. Running threw collecting all the item i left my first time threw. I wonder if there's even a reward for that? Please let me know but post spoiler alert for others that might not wanna know. Thanks

Avatar image for greatgood

the new tomb raider is great

Avatar image for mokalid

what is the name of the second game it looked good ?

Avatar image for GamerOuTLaWz

@mokalid Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, one of the best PC online game ever made. Its also only 24$ on steam.

Avatar image for baxwam

Oh man I got to buy this game now first I though this game was not for me but in till I heard from countless reviews. I completely changed my mind now and its only $50 on steam so why the hell not.

Avatar image for baxwam

ah crap my PC controller is broken. :(

Avatar image for mamalol123

@baxwam i have it on steam , friendly advice : don't buy the game yet !

the game is awesome but has some technical issues wiht Geforce Cards

Avatar image for JamDev

@mamalol123 @baxwam It's already been patched, should be good to go.

Avatar image for vengefulwilberg

I hate when people call this game some sort of Uncharted clone. Saying nonsense like that is just stupid.

Avatar image for iempire68

Good rental. Only complaints I have is you tend to do same things over and over, too many cutscenes, and Lara gets annoying at times with all her whining, gasping, breathing hard, crying, etc. ... Get tired of it after awhile. Nathan Drake is a much more interesting character.

Avatar image for j1965

@iempire68 I enjoy Lara in her young stage as she learns what it takes to hang with the big boys,also the bow n arrow is alot of fun.Great game .

Avatar image for vyaswanth

@j1965 @iempire68 Yeah I agree with you. This tombraider reboot is really awesome.

bow is terrific. I liked it most in here compared to any other game.

Avatar image for AzelKosMos

Good, it's a great game, I adore it, it's just not the one I wanted. It's almost a reskin of Uncharted with a few added features, it has about as many puzzles as Call of Duty....

Avatar image for Heshertonfist

Great game, glad to see the series return.

Avatar image for SicklySunStorm

properly loving TR so far.... I was very lucky to have it sent to me early on Tuesday this week from LoveFilm on rental. I like it's similarities to Uncharted a lot, whilst it still keeps it's own flavour. I'm about two thirds in now and am thoroughly enjoying it.

Avatar image for vivalatour

the new TR is really great , this you can etch in slate ! the parachute bit was a bit much because at the end of jump you have to put up with a whole lot of bullies ! I an not even interested in looking into any of the online "foolishness" , lara is my new hero !

Avatar image for Seifer24

I m waiting to see more tomb raidder games with more depth and story length on this super exciting engine.Animation,graphics,aesthetics,tress fx,and laras reactions in different situations makes the future of tomb raider series to really shine and played as they meant to be played.

The only ddownside with this game is that it wasn't well optimized for us nvidia users and that it was short about 10 hours or something.oh and that it needed more complex puzzles.

Everything else was just spectacular at least for the pc.I dont know about consoles andd frankly i dont care