Tomb Raider: Legend Web site goes up

The new Lara Croft now has an online home--albeit a bare-bones one that requires registration--which features first in-game screenshot.


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Exactly a week after it released the first look at the new Lara Croft, Eidos Interactive has given her an online home. Today, the soon-to-be-bought British publisher launched the Web site for the game heroine's next adventure, Tomb Raider: Legend, at

Although more of a teaser in its current state, the Tomb Raider site does show off new images of Lara Croft. First is a silhouette of the pistol-packing protagonist on the home page in what appears to be a pillared, underground chamber of South American or Greek origin.

However, visitors who opt for the "VIP treatment"--you must complete a registration form that asks for your home address and e-mail and asks whether or not you have purchased any previous Tomb Raider games--will be treated to another look at Croft, in 3D no less. The second image lets viewers pan around Croft as she alternately squats and stands on a ledge in the middle of several tropical waterfalls. As in her debut image, the leaner heroine is now sporting a more detailed backpack with grenades and other items on her belt.

Though the content on the Tomb Raider Web site is scarce now, Eidos promises that "the full Web site is coming a little later this summer." It also said those "VIPs" who register will be treated to content ahead of normal visitors.

Tomb Raider: Legend is set for release on the PC, PSP, PlayStation 2, and next- and current-generation Xboxes at a future date, most likely later this year.

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