Tomb Raider: Legend Movies Update

Eidos releases six new gameplay movies highlighting key features of Lara Croft's upcoming adventure.


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Currently scheduled for release in April, Tomb Raider: Legend promises to be Lara Croft's most thrilling adventure yet. We've been lucky enough to get our hands on demo versions of the game on a couple of occasions this year, but we've never had access to more than a handful of different levels set in Bolivia. Today, though, we've received no fewer than six new gameplay movies from Eidos that show off--among other things--previously unseen locations, new characters, motorcycle levels, and various outfits from Lara's wardrobe.

The movie above is the first one containing vehicle-based gameplay that we've been allowed to share with you. In addition to the desert level that we got to see in action during a recent Eidos press event, it shows Lara riding through a snowy environment and on the streets of Tokyo. You can find all of today's Tomb Raider: Legend movies by hitting the "Videos" tab above, and make sure you don't miss the two that star an evil gentleman named Takamoto--he definitely looks like he's warming up for one of the game's boss battles. We'll bring you more information on Tomb Raider: Legend as soon as it becomes available.

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