Tomb Raider: Anniversary 360 dated

Retail version of revamped game hits North American shelves October 23, with European release set for three days later.


When Eidos first announced that it would be releasing Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the Xbox 360 in episodic fashion, the plan was to put the game on Xbox Live as of last month, and then to follow up with a retail release by the end of the year. Eidos today confirmed North American and European release dates for the retail game, and it appears that plans have changed.

Tomb Raider: Anniversary will arrive on shelves in North America on October 23, with a release across the pond on October 26. The downloadable versions of the game will arrive for both regions in November. However, customers who choose to download the game rather than purchase the retail version will need to have a copy of Tomb Raider: Legend.

Eidos has previously said that the game's four episodes will be split into two downloads (each including the introductory Croft Manor level), and will sell for a total of 2400 Microsoft points ($30). Tomb Raider: Anniversary is already available on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and PC. A Wii version is also set for release later this year.

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I'll buy it, allready got it on the PS2 but for only 24.99 it's a bargain, i'll be buying

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I have seen screenshots people and audioslave is very wrong, it looks like legend for the 360. The graphics are far more superior than the PS2, check out sceenshots at ebgames for yourself. Glad i waited, it looks well worth the wait!

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shes back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OOOOooooo yea! I got the ps2 version and played a ways through it only to find out it was going to release for the 360! So I traded it in and settled in for the im even more excited to hear its releasing on shelves because im one that would rather have a physical copy than a download, makes for a better collection, beign that i've played tomb raider since the first in 96'. So yea, its a must have for me, let me tell ya!

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I have the PS2 version, but I stopped playing it after hearing about the x360 version coming up. IT BETTER NOT BE A HALF BAKED PS2 PORT OVER, OR ELSE. I better not see those damn jaggies, and it better take full advantage of the x360's graphical muscle. And a very smooth frame rate wouln't hurt. Time to increase my achievement points. Yo, lets have a downloadable demo, Microsoft.

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I'll probably buy the game, but haven't decided between the 360 or Wii version. I loved Legends, but I was never really a big fan or Tomb Raider as a whole. I liked the first one, hated the sequels. Didn't even play the last two. But I enjoyed Legends for some reason. lol.

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yes it's a remake but it's pretty dang good !!!

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So this is just a rehash of a game from > 10 years ago, coming out as an XBLA for $30? But also coming out in a boxed version??

Avatar image for Hvac0120

So... if you have the Legends game and download it, you save yourself from paying taxes? Then if you buy it retail, at least you don't have to have the Legends game to play it... I guess it's a better deal than the rumors I heard way back when this was announced. I still wouldn't download it. I am one of those people that prefer to actually "own" my games and not have to worry about the frustrations that people have with downloadable content from XBL when my Xbox360 craps out again (waiting for 3rd box to arrive from repair center).

Avatar image for Shifty_Pete

Why didn't this come out with the other versions? I had already played through the game on the PS2 before this was announced, and I'd rather have waited for the prettier version.

Avatar image for ZOnikJJ

Gotta rent!

Avatar image for Rect_Pola

I'm waiting for the Wii version. Not just because I don't have a 360, I'm intrested to see how well they translated and made use of waggling. A good job is the difference between it being a port and actually more fun than before.

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Avatar image for Nawras

It is by time.. I wonder what took them so long. I hope they have extra content or polished up the graphics.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ce72effd6960

Better get my hands on this...outta be cool.

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Yeah Finally! I played legend on XBox. It was just Ok! but seems every one agrees this remake is worth a try and I have resisted it so far so that I can have the best Version. Gime' Yeah!

Avatar image for hrah

waited as long as I could, but in the end the vice got me, and bought the pc version, the game is great, but i'm gonna miss my points

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Best buy is selling it for $40. Gamestop is selling it for $40. Walmart is selling it for $30. Circuit City is selling it for $30. P.S. Im getting mine at Circuit City or Walmart.

Avatar image for PrivateDonutRVB

Its about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Imperial Agent - It's not really any different than any other action adventure or first person shooter that has 8-10 hours of gameplay if you pay $60 for it. You're paying more than $5 an hour in those cases. Just rent the retail version instead if you are interested in playing but not interested in paying.

Avatar image for superbeast1370

meh! I already own both on PS2.

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$30 is too pricey. It shouldn't be more than $10 per download. You're only getting 2 levels a download, we should only pay $5 for each of them. You can beat one of these Tomb Raider levels in less than an hour. To pay more than $5 for 1 hour of fun (and little to no replay value) is ridiculous. This is more like a... It's raining outside and i'm bored so I guess I download that Tomb Raider to keep me entertained until it stops raining. This is a... "just for the heck of it" type of downloads, not a 'must have.'

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hope it's 30dls in the retail version, I like my games in a box ;)

Avatar image for GiroMindTricks

Tomb Raider's roots are not the 360 or the PSOne. It was originally on the SEGA Saturn, then ported over.

Avatar image for blacktorn

Sweeettt,I haven't played the original since 1997,it's going to be awesome to play the remake of it circa '07 :D

Avatar image for Warfust

I just may pick up the wii version, as long as it's cheap enough.

Avatar image for gandalf_storm

seems a bit pricey, and the thing with the disc means peeps that dont have it will have to shell out a further £10 for legend, i saw it in game for £9.99 so ok its cheap add that to the cost of the extra episodes and you got a $70 game or a £40-50 game that will only be a little bit more pretty. I dunno im not totally convinced its worth it, just my 10p :)

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Would be nice if the article explained why you have to have Legend (game engine) to download Anniversary. I do, but I want the disc, and not eat up my HDD. I'll wait. I am looking forward to it, since I haven't played this one since PSone was new.

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Eidos really dropped the ball on this one. I bought TR:A months ago for $20. Of course I would rather have it for 360, but those are the breaks.

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Roots on 360? What the hell are you talking about? It started on the PSone in 1996.

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I'm saying this now, Uncharted is just a Tomb Raider knock off, and now that Tomb Raider is returning to its roots on 360, you can be assured that it will destroy Uncharted!

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I gotta agree with most of the dudes here and ask: how much is the retail edition?

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I'm guessing this won't make the $30 price on the shelves like Tomb Raider: Anniversary did for the PS2, but I do think it'll get a $40 price tag, much like Project Sylpheed and Beautiful Katamari each got, at least I hope. $60 would kind of be asking too much.

Avatar image for jmate03

Dont care... Sorry.

Avatar image for muppen

Pre-ordered =) Can't wait to play it. Loved all the TR games (except Angel of Darkness) and it sounds awesome to relive the old goodies with the Legend engine =)

Avatar image for Generic_Dude

I hope they don't have the guts to charge $60 for the retail package. If it's $30 as the downloadable is, then maybe I'll consider it.

Avatar image for PostedOval

I played the PS2 version. It was great!

Avatar image for joeyfine

goooooo tombraider!

Avatar image for rulo_rezn0r

audioslave : yes, it is going to get the same graphical improvements that Legend got whe released for the 360, even when the original was a ps2 game

Avatar image for ashuncc2

Budget price. Well, the game may be a pick up at $30.

Avatar image for audioslave69

dn3datomiced Its not a "360 game" its a port of a game for an older console, so no if its not getting an update on graphics or something really special no i wont get it, i might aswell buy the ps2 or pc version. But thats my opinion i dont have anything againts paying full price for games that were made with the 360 in mind.

Avatar image for therejectx

wow lame no one cares.

Avatar image for EddyG0RD0


Avatar image for Thorpe89

I'm picking this up since it's at a budget price at most stores.

Avatar image for printice21

its about time! on of the games that originally convinced me to buy a 360 was tr legend.

Avatar image for spidey223

Whooooo Cares!?! BORING!!!

Avatar image for soundofspeet

audioslave, you can't pay 30 dollars for an Xbox 360 game? Wow...

Avatar image for ZOnikJJ

I'm getting it!

Avatar image for supermariomelee

According to Gamestop's site, the retail version is going to be $40 for the 360 version. $10 more than the version you can download. But at least you don't need to own TR Legend to play the retail version.

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I liked Legend, I've never played the original so I'll pick this one up if it doesn't cost $59.99.

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