Tom Holland Says Making The Uncharted Movie "Broke" Him

Holland developed tendinitis filming the Uncharted movie due to the physical nature of the shoot.


Actor Tom Holland has again discussed the intense physical shoot for the upcoming Uncharted film, saying in a new interview that the Sony movie "broke" him.

According to GQ, Holland developed tendinitis shooting the Uncharted film. He had only had three days off after wrapping Uncharted in Berlin and starting Spider-Man: No Way Home in Atlanta. Holland said he now realizes how lucky he is that the Spider-Man films are filled with CG effects, because this was not the case on Uncharted.

"I never realized how lucky I am that Spider-Man wears a mask, because when he's bouncing around and flying from buildings, that's all CG," he said. "In Uncharted it's just me in a henley and cargo pants. That film absolutely broke me."

This is not the first time that Holland has discussed the intense nature of the Uncharted shoot. He previously talked about how he was "battered and bruised" making the movie, and it was so tough that he developed tendinitis in his hamstring. "I will never do a sword-fight scene ever again," he said.

The Uncharted movie has been in various stages of development hell for more than 10 years already, but the film is finally finished and is scheduled to release in February 2022. In addition to Holland, Oscar-nominated actor Mark Wahlberg plays Drake's mentor, Sully, while Antonio Banderas will appear in an unspecified role. Zombieland and Venom director Ruben Fleischer directed the Uncharted movie off a script written by the Iron Man writing team of Matt Holloway and Art Marcum.

The first Uncharted movie trailer was published in October--check it out above. Holland will be seen next in December's Spider-Man: No Way Home, which just got a new trailer.

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