Tom Holland Made Mistakes While Filming Uncharted, He Says

Nathan Drake is one of the coolest guys in video games, but Tom Holland says he was too focused on looking cool.


Looking cool as Spider-Man is one thing--Peter Parker is a dork, and the CGI does a lot of the work for Spidey in costume. But with a character like Nathan Drake, most of that responsibility falls on the actor. Tom Holland plays Drake in the upcoming Uncharted film, and talked in a new interview with GQ about getting distracted by his own coolness.

"As soon as you start worrying about 'Do I look good in this shot?' acting becomes something other than playing a character," Holland explained. "I think there are elements of my performance in Uncharted where I kind of fell under that spell of being 'I want to look good now. I want this to be my cool moment.' I had to play this very tough, very stoic guy--basically, be Mark Wahlberg."

Holland admitted, however, that he hasn't yet seen the finished film, leaving what the lens captured up to our imaginations for the time being.

"My character is supposed to be a f***ing action hero in this moment!" he continued. "Look, I haven't seen it, so I don't know if I succeeded in that. But it was an important lesson learned, because, at times, it was less about land a mark and go through this scene and more about land a mark, stand like this and see my bulging biceps... It was a mistake and is something that I will probably never do again."

The interview is long and wide-ranging, covering topics from Holland's childhood, how Spider-Man costar Zendaya helped him adjust to stardom, and whether or not there are any other wall-crawlers or web-heads in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Incredibly, he didn't spoil anything. Kid's growing up.

Uncharted's long road through development hell comes to an end when the movie hits in just under a year, on February 11, 2022.

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