Tom Hanks Says Hanx101 Trivia On Apple Arcade Will Make You "Fascinating"

Tom Hanks promises, "You will become a fascinating human being," if you play his new game, Hanx101 Trivia.


Tom Hanks is known primarily as an actor, but he is also a producer, author, amateur historian, and apparently a video game creator. Hanx101 Trivia released on Apple Arcade recently, which, as the second part of the name implies, is a trivia game.

Hanx101 isn't Hanks' first flirtation with interactive media. He also released the Hanx Writer app which capitalizes on another of his passions: typewriters. Hanx101 Trivia, however, is arguably his first step into the world of video games. Even for the occasions where his Toy Story character, Woody, appears in video games, his brother Jim Hanks takes care of the voice work.

"Trivia is for kids. Knowledge lasts a lifetime," Hanks says in a quote offered up for the game. "Compete against the entire world with Hanx101 Trivia and you will become a fascinating human being 101 facts at a time." It's a bold claim from America's dad, but he does have an undeniably trustworthy face.

The actual game lets you participate in daily trivia with and against friends in various categories like music, books, geography, and more as you make your way through various chapters. Hanx101 Trivia is available exclusively on Apple Arcade and can be downloaded here.

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