Tom Clancy's Vegas vacation detailed

Newest Rainbow Six will put fear, loathing in hearts of terrorists with new team members, high-tech equipment, multiplayer options.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas

Gamers will be headed to Las Vegas later this year for some high-stakes gambling. At risk? The lives of the entire country! Thankfully, said country is only contained in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas, the latest game in the counterterrorism franchise from Ubisoft. The shooter was announced in early March, but gameplay details have just recently hit The Strip.

The game will be handled entirely by Ubisoft Montreal, the same studio that worked on previous Rainbow Six games, as well as Far Cry Instincts Predator and the Prince of Persia series.

A new Rainbow Six team will be introduced along with the squad's new leader. Each character will have their own specialty, and Ubisoft emphasizes that tactics will play a major role in the game. Missions will have multiple ways of being completed, and teammates will suggest alternative methods of reaching objectives, including busting through walls or hacking computers. Multiplayer has also been tweaked, with persistent characters and new weapons and achievements to unlock.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas has not yet been priced or rated. It is currently scheduled to be released on "next-generation consoles."

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