Tom Clancy's The Division promises unprecedented level of realism

Ubisoft talks up proprietary Snowdrop Engine in new video from VGX.

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The game engine for Tom Clancy's The Division, the upcoming Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC game set in the Splinter Cell universe, promises to deliver an unprecedented level of realism.

"Never before has a video game reached this level of detail," Ubisoft said about its previously announced Snowdrop Engine in a new video released today during the Spike VGX Awards.

The Snowdrop Engine is capable of capturing light realistically via a volumetric lighting system, which will help establish a more believable atmosphere, Ubisoft said. The game engine also powers The Division's procedural destruction elements.

In the video, bullets were shown being fired into police car as little bits of the vehicle flew off. The Snowdrop Engine also powers The Division's day/night cycle and various weather elements. We'll have the video later tonight and will post it here when available.

The Division launches in fall 2014 and will receive some Xbox One-exclusive content.

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