Tokyo lines up for Noble Pink DS Lite

The rosy DS Lite proves a hit in Japan; lines soar to more than 400 strong; new color is reportedly a popular gift item.


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Follow hit the streets of Tokyo today to find out how the new Noble Pink Nintendo DS Lite was selling. Rather well, it turns out.

At the Ikebukuro electronics shop Big Camera in Japan, customers began arriving as early as 3 a.m., forming a line that grew to 160 people by opening time and to over 400 by 11:30 a.m. It also seems that many Noble Pink buyers purchased it along with Nintendo's new talking cookbook software, Shaberu! DS Ryori Navi, which also launched today.

The popularity of the new color was not limited to the Ikebukuro area. A Big Camera representative told the site that lines reached 130 people at the company's Yurakucho branch. Over in Akihabara, conducted an impromptu demographic survey at the Yodobashi Camera Multimedia store, where lines swelled to nearly 200 people by 9 a.m.

Although a store representative said there were almost twice as many women in line for a DS Lite than usual, Famitsu observed that men still outnumbered the ladies by a wide margin. When asked why they were purchasing the pearly pink DS Lite, many of the guys said they were buying on behalf of female family members. Out of the 25 men Famitsu spot-interviewed, 16 said they were buying the item as a gift.

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