Tokyo Jungle hits PS3 September 25 for $15

Postapocalyptic animal survival game goes downloadable for North American and European players next month.


The PlayStation Network is going to the dogs, provided they can band together to take on the rest of the animal kingdom. Sony today announced that the Japanese full-priced PlayStation 3 retail release Tokyo Jungle will be a less expensive downloadable title when it launches in North America and Europe next month.

It's like a less marketable outtake from The Lion King.
It's like a less marketable outtake from The Lion King.

Tokyo Jungle will debut in North America on September 25 for $15. The European release will follow September 26 for £10 (€13, or AUS$20).

Billed as an action adventure, Tokyo Jungle is set in a post-human future where nature is reclaiming the crumbling Japanese megalopolis. Players can either command a variety of beasts as they discover what led to humankind's downfall in the story mode, or pick a specific animal and fight a turf war to take over Tokyo in the survival mode.

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