Tokyo Game Show 2000 Wrap-Up

GameSpot brings you our thoughts on the fall Tokyo Game Show 2000.


The recently concluded fall Tokyo Game Show 2000 kept the editors of GameSpot busy, as we covered events such as the Amusement Machine Show, the Tokyo Game Show itself, and Sega's Cyberclub Internet event. Although the fall TGS 2000 attendance exceeded that of the show in the spring, we couldn't help but think that the show was lacking in certain areas. Companies such as Sega and Square were absent, and no new information on the GameCube or the Xbox was revealed. The show mostly consisted of remaining third-party developers displaying their PlayStation 2 games, and playable versions of Z.O.E., Onimusha, and Gran Turismo 2000 A Spec were definitely the highlights of the PS2 games shown. In addition to the PS2, both the Game Boy Advance and the WonderSwan Color had games at the show, as both are preparing to go head-to-head starting next year.

The announcement of Capcom vs. SNK 2, the Metal Gear Solid 2 demo, and the release of Z.O.E. forced us to stay at the show all three days, but by the second day (first public day) things became a little dull. We ended up visiting the plastic model and RC show right across from where the TGS was being held. Apparently, the latest air guns from Tokyo Marui had our crew hooked, and we ended up buying a few. As I am writing this, Jeff Gerstmann and the rest of the crew are en route to San Francisco with weapons loaded. As for myself here in Japan, expect to hear from me next week, as I'll be visiting Sega's Touch & Try event this weekend.

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