Toki Tori hatches on WiiWare

Dutch developer Two Tribes updating its egg-seeking puzzle platformer for Nintendo's digital distribution service on May 12.


With Nintendo planning to turn on its WiiWare channel in North America on May 12, developers have been lining up to get their bite-sized games on the publisher's digital distribution service. Earlier today, Sam & Max creator Telltale Games said it would be adapting Internet satirist Strong Bad of fame for an adventure game distributed through WiiWare and PCs. Now, another niche game has been announced for the service. Dutch outfit Two Tribes said it would be adapting its 2001 Game Boy Color puzzle platformer Toki Tori for WiiWare.

The egg is thus a found object.
The egg is thus a found object.

Toki Tori on the Wii is an update to the original, and gamers will once again attempt to navigate 2D environments as a chicken in search of eggs. To do so, players will make use of a variety of zany tools, with Two Tribes calling out the Telewarp, Freeze-o-Matic, and InstantRock, "to name but a few." The variety of unusual implements is unsurprising, considering that Two Tribes' previous efforts include last year's Worms: Open Warfare 2 on the Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable.

More than a simple port, the game will feature updated graphics and new content, though Two Tribes did not provide further information on what exactly the updates entail. However, the developer did say that the game's control scheme has been completely overhauled and will fully support Nintendo's motion-sensing Wii Remote.

Toki Tori will be Two Tribes' first venture into console development. The game is slated to launch alongside WiiWare on May 12, with European and Australian launches pending the launch of Nintendo's digital distribution service in those regions.

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