ToeJam & Earl Xbox exclusive

The next game featuring the unique pair of aliens will be exclusive to the Xbox.


Sega has announced that ToeJam & Earl III will be exclusive to Microsoft's Xbox. In development at the same company responsible for the original game, ToeJam & Earl III follows the adventures of ToeJam, Big Earl, and a new female alien character, Latisha. Their main objective is to recover the 12 sacred albums of funk that have been stolen from the Great Funkopotamous. Players will be able to use Funk-Fu and a number of other attacks along with power-ups to defeat enemies. The game will feature randomly generated levels as well as the ability to play single-player or to play multiplayer via a split-screen mode. Sega also claims that the game is relatively open-ended, allowing players to make decisions that will ultimately affect their journey.

"Microsoft is thrilled to have ToeJam & Earl III as an exclusive title for Xbox," said J. Allard, general manager of the Xbox platform at Microsoft. "ToeJam & Earl III takes advantage of the many great features of Xbox to deliver a stunning next-generation version of one of the video game world's most unique franchises."

ToeJam & Earl III is scheduled for release this fall.

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