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Todd Howard Doesn't Regret Not Having A New Fallout Game Launch With The Show

Howard is happy that more people are playing Fallout 76 now.


Game director and executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard said he doesn't regret not having a new Fallout game release alongside the show on Amazon Prime Video. He explained that he feels that Fallout as a franchise is doing well and is still as relevant as ever.

In an interview with Kinda Funny Games, he explained that the studio views Fallout as a "top-down franchise," asking how healthy it is or determining how relevant it is to the world at the moment. "I think we're doing really well there," he said. Howard continued by saying that Bethesda has a dedicated team to Fallout 76, and because of that, there's been a steady stream of Fallout content.

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Howard explained as a result of the show's success, more people are willing to try out the new content in Fallout 76:

"I think what's great about this moment is seeing all that work in Fallout 76. Understand a lot of people you know dismissed it from how it launched, understandably. It's kind of been sneaky popular for the last, you know, three or four years," Howard said, "And people coming in and saying 'Oh.' You know [they're] really, really enjoying this as a Fallout experience, and I think right now, as of today, it's the most people we've ever had in that game and so seeing all that response to particularly 76 that hadn't had that level of success before. I'm super proud of the team here that's been working on it."

As the interview continued, Howard revealed that the studio has five separate teams. People are constantly moving around depending on whether they're needed on other franchises, such as Elder Scrolls or Starfield.

For more news on what came out of the interview, check out our story detailing why Fallout 76 doesn't have cross-play and the upcoming Starfield expansion scheduled for later this year.

Correction: The original version of this article mistakenly omitted a word, which made the headline and first sentence read as if a new Fallout game launched in tandem with the Prime Video series. Fallout 4's next-gen update released last week, and Fallout 5 is currently in development.

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