Today's Your Last Chance To Get Free PlayStation Plus Games For June 2017 On PS4/PS3/Vita

Go pick them up!

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Now Playing: PlayStation Plus - Free PS4 Games Lineup June 2017

If you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, today's the last opportunity to grab the free games from June on PS4, PS3, and Vita. Tomorrow, the free games for July will replace the current selection.

As always, six games are currently available to subscribers. The highlights of June's selection are cooperative zombie-killing game Killing Floor 2 and episodic adventure game Life Is Strange, both available on PS4.

If you have a Vita, you can get Neon Chrome and Spy Chameleon, both of which are also playable on PS4. Finally, if you've hung onto your PS3, you can play WRC 5 and Abyss Odyssey.

Tomorrow, the crop of free games for July go live. These include Until Dawn and the Telltale Game of Thrones series for PS4; Don't Die, Mr. Robot and Element4l for Vita; and Darkstalkers Resurrection and Tokyo Jungle for PS3.

PlayStation Plus Lineup For June 2017




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Avatar image for Dogswithguns

I did downloaded those games, but My PS Plus just expired, now I can't play wtfg.. oh well

Avatar image for domiddian

Two good months in a row for PSN... Has someone shoved a rock up Sony's arse or something?

Avatar image for sealionact

But are they really on PS4?

Avatar image for gns

Hmm... tempting to get Life is Strange, but... still, pricey to be a subscriber to PS+. Nah...

Avatar image for kinan

I'm downloading Life is Strange, hoping it's good

Avatar image for videogameninja

@kinan: Great game. Be wary however, the first 2 episodes are a bit slow but things quickly pick up at the beginning of episode 3 (If my memory serves me correct; which I'm sure it doesn't :/ ). Hopefully you are not discouraged early on as I can assure you this is one of those rare cases where it does "get better".


Avatar image for Nintendokami

I already own both of the PS4 ones. Worth it, though.

Avatar image for darkprince2

@Nintendokami: There are 4 PS4 ones, or are you just referring to the ones that are only on PS4 and aren't cross-buy?

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Until Dawn seems like it has potential... Could be worth a weekend.

Avatar image for domiddian

@Pyrosa: It is defo worth a weekend and has some replay value too.

Avatar image for nativepixel

👀 smh