Today's Wordle Answer (#474) - October 6, 2022

Take your time with this answer and you're sure to get the Wordle right.


Who doesn't enjoy a little Thursday Wordle action every now and again? We're back with another edition of our Wordle guides, this time on October 6. This week's answers have been somewhat of a mixed bag, and that trend has continued today. The answer isn't a particularly difficult word, but it might take players a while to guess. As an early hint, taking a slow and methodical approach will be the best way to tackle this Wordle.

If you haven't started the Wordle just yet, then you can check out our list of recommended starting words. However, if you're already past the starting point, then you're likely looking for some hints. Luckily, we provide just that further down in this guide. We will also spell out the full answer for players looking to simply get out of today unscathed.

Today's Wordle Answer - October 6, 2022

We'll begin with a few hints that directly relate to today's Wordle answer, but don't give it away immediately.

  • Hint 1: This word is an animal that's indigenous to the tropical rainforests of South and Central America.
  • Hint 2: This word has one vowel in the middle of the word and no repeating letters. The word ends "th."

If those hints weren't enough to get the ball rolling for you, then you can keep reading for the full answer to the Wordle. The full answer to the October 6 Wordle is "sloth." As we said, taking your time, as a sloth does with everything, was the best way to go about this Wordle. Hopefully, every player was able to get the answer correct and continue their streaks. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.

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