Today's Wordle Answer (#439) - September 1, 2022

You'll need to get down and dirty to get this Wordle answer right.


We're nearly at the end of the week, but the Wordle train keeps on chugging no matter what day of the week it is. We've returned to deliver another edition of our Wordle guides. This is the first puzzle of September, so it's obviously a good omen for the rest of the month to get this first answer correct. In order to ensure that every player accomplishes that goal, we've put together a couple of hints that should allow players to guess the answer with simplicity. If you haven't started the Wordle and want to make life even easier, use our recommended list of starting words.

However, if players are still struggling even after reading the hints, we will also spell out the full answer to the September 1 Wordle further down in the guide. So if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read below the hints.

Today's Wordle Answer - September 1, 2022

We'll begin with two hints that directly relate to the Wordle answer for today. They will not immediately give the word away, but will hopefully let players guess the answer themselves.

  • Hint 1: This word is the plural word for an organism that feeds on mold, yeast, etc. People will sometimes have this type of infection as well.
  • Hint 2: This word has two vowels, one of which comes at the very end of the word.

If you weren't able to guess the Wordle based on those hints, don't worry, as we have the full answer right here. The full answer to the September 1 Wordle is... "fungi." By no means an easy word to guess, as the spelling is quite unique and not something that most players will think of right away. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides to close out the week.

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