Today's Wordle Answer (#425) - August 18, 2022

Continue your Wordle streak with some hints and maybe even the answer.


If you're struggling to get the Wordle answer on Aug. 17, then stop your worrying, as we're back with another edition of our help guides. In addition to some hints, we'll even provide the full answer in this guide so you can continue your streak by any means necessary. If you haven't started the Wordle today, then we also recommend looking at our recommended starting words. Those words will give you a competitive advantage when trying to guess the Wordle.

However, if you're on your fourth or fifth guess and still need some help with the Wordle, then we have just the guide for you. We'll go over some hints that directly relate to the answer, and should help most players come up with guesses to try and hit on the answer. Although, if those hints don't work, then we've also listed the full answer further down in this article.

Today's Wordle Answer - August 18, 2022

We'll begin with three hints that should help a majority of players come up with guesses and perhaps even get the answer.

  • Hint 1: Mason Ramsey, also known as the Walmart Yodel Kid, has a song with this word as the title. It was released in 2019.
  • Hint 2: Country singers are known for adding this vocal technique to their voices during songs.
  • Hint 3: This word only has one vowel in it.

If those hints didn't hit the mark for you, then fear not, as we also have the full answer for any player that simply wants to continue their streak. The full answer to the Aug. 17 Wordle is... "twang." That's certainly not a word you hear every day, and the "tw" letter combination is one that also doesn't get brought up much. Hopefully, all players were able to survive today's Wordle. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.

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