Today's Wordle Answer (#424) - August 17, 2022

You might need to do a double take at our tips to get this Wordle answer right.


Come one, come all for another installment of our Wordle guides on this fine Wednesday in August. It's Aug. 17, and the Wordle for today can either be ridiculously easy or mind-boggling difficult depending on how players' first few guesses go. The answer is an extremely common word, with common letters, but can throw players for a loop if they don't go with the right guesses. If players stick to our list of recommended starting words and follow our tips below, though, they should be sitting pretty.

This Wordle only took me three guesses to get correct, mainly because of my starting word. I had three letters right off the bat, with my second guess filling in one other letter. However, some players might not get that many letters that quickly, and struggle to think of words beyond their third or fourth guess. If you're in that boat, or starting the Wordle and need some early advice, then keep reading below for a list of hints related to today's answer. We also lay out the full answer further down in this guide.

Today's Wordle Answer - August 17, 2022

We'll kick things off with two hints that should get your mind in the right space for guessing words. If they don't work out, though, don't fret, as we also have the full answer below the hints.

  • Hint 1: This word is the name of a popular South Korean, all-girl music group.
  • Hint 2: If something doesn't happen once, it happens...

The second hint likely gave the answer away for most players. However, if it didn't and you're still searching for the answer to keep your streak alive, then you're in luck. The full answer to the Aug. 17 Wordle is... "twice." The "w" can definitely throw things off, but hopefully, every player was able to get the answer through some means and continue their Wordle streak. Come back tomorrow for yet another Wordle guide.

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