Today's Wordle Answer (#418) - August 11, 2022

Extract the answer for today's Wordle with our tips.


It's time for yet another Wordle guide, and we have an interesting one today on Aug. 11. This past week hasn't featured many difficult Wordles, and today might not be too challenging if players have heard of the answer before. It's not a word that's too commonly used in everyday life, but some people certainly might use it more often than others.

I started out today by using one of our recommended starting words, and then going into a couple of other common words to simply rule out other letters. Eventually, I got a few letters in the wrong spots, but was still able to guess the word correctly due to a lucky attempt based on the letters I had. Of course, some players might not get that lucky guess, so they might need some help along the way. In order to facilitate that, we've laid out a couple of hints to the Aug. 11 Wordle below, as well as the full answer further down.

Today's Wordle Answer - August 11, 2022

The hints are up first, followed by the full answer. So if you don't want to be fully spoiled, don't read below the hints.

  • Hint 1: Animal Crossing players might perform this action after all of their crops have bloomed.
  • Hint 2: This word ends in two different consonants but also has two vowels in it.

If those hints didn't help you make any progress on today's Wordle, then don't worry, as we also have the full answer for players that want to simply get today over with. The full answer to the Aug. 11 Wordle is... "glean." It's a word that some people might not have heard of before, and it also has two separate definitions, which only complicates things more. Hopefully, players were able to emerge today without a scuff on their Wordle streak. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides to bookend the week.

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