Today's Wordle Answer (#384) - July 8, 2022

Go into the weekend with your Wordle streak intact, maybe using our tips along the way.


It's time to end the week right, and what other way can we do that besides getting the Wordle answer? Today's Wordle on July 8 is by no means a tough word, but it does use an unconventional structure that might throw players off in the beginning, especially if they don't use the proper starting word. I personally took a word from that list and immediately had two letters in the right position. From there, I tried to finagle my way into getting a couple more letters but only managed one. However, thanks to my starting word, I was able to know exactly where that letter went. From there, I started plugging in possible words and came up with the only guess I could think of, which ended up being the correct answer.

If you're looking for help to guess the Wordle correctly, then you've come to the right spot. We have a list of tips to help you through the guessing process but also lay out the full answer further down if those don't move the needle.

Today's Wordle Answer - July 8, 2022

We'll begin with a few hints to let you get the rhythm of things. If the tips aren't able to help you, though, we also give the full answer to the July 8 Wordle down below.

  • Hint 1: A popular talent TV series shares a name with this word.
  • Hint 2: Video games and animated films and TV series employ these kinds of actors and actresses.
  • Hint 3: There are three different vowels in this word.

For some, those hints might have given the word away a little too easily. Although, if the tips weren't for you, then don't worry, as we have the full answer here... "voice." The word can certainly trip some people up due to the strange vowel placements. But we hope that you were able to keep your Wordle streak intact with this guide. Come back after the weekend for more Wordle guides.

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