Today's Wordle Answer (#383) - July 7, 2022

A strange Wordle could put players' streak in jeopardy unless they take a look at our helpful tips.


We're back with another Wordle guide and this time around, players might need all the help they can get. The answer on July 7 is quite interesting and certainly not a word that just gets tossed around the English language on an everyday basis. However, with a few tips, the right starting word, and maybe the full answer, you'll continue your streak and live to fight another day (tomorrow).

By the time I had three guesses down, I only had three letters, one of which was in the right spot. My fourth guess yielded another letter in the right spot but that only made things worse, as I had fewer guesses to try now that I knew where that letter was. By sheer luck, though, I was able to guess the answer on my fifth try. I randomly thought of the word, which barely sounds like a real word, and it turned out to be correct. Unless you had some fortunate luck like me, then you might need a couple of hints to get you jumpstarted with the July 7 Wordle.

You can find those hints, and the full answer, below.

Today's Wordle Answer - July 7, 2022

Kicking things off are a couple of tips to get your guesses on track. If they don't work for you though, you can find the full answer further down in the guide.

  • Hint 1: Your mouth might be this word if you've just witnessed a shocking or wondrous event.
  • Hint 2: This word is defined by some as "Christian love" but can also be interpreted as "brotherly love."
  • Hint 3: This word has a double letter in the first and third letter slots.

Unfortunately, the hints today were a little all over the place, as this particular word can be tricky to describe without completely giving it away. If you weren't able to get the answer from the hints, then here's the full answer... "agape." As previously mentioned, agape is not a word you hear very often but, nevertheless, it is a word. Check back tomorrow for another edition of our Wordle guides.

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