Today's Wordle Answer (#335) - May 20, 2022

This Wordle answer is for gaming fans everywhere.


While yesterday's Wordle was a fairly tricky one to guess, today's should be a walk in the park for video game fans. However, it could be perceived as difficult if you don't consider the answer an actual word, which we didn't.

I managed to get three letters right off the bat, thanks to my starting word, but things fell apart after that. I kept guessing the wrong word but had the same three correct letters in place. On my sixth guess, I finally realized what the answer was. However, I had actually thought of that word earlier but didn't think it would be an answer that Wordle would use. Luckily, I managed to pull this one out, even though this particular answer was one of the easier words in recent memory.

If you struggled as I did, you can look below for some hints on the Wordle answer for May 20.

Today's Wordle Answer - May 20, 2022

The tips for this Wordle are difficult to say without completely giving the answer away. Of course, on the other hand, if you're not a video game fan, then they might not be useful whatsoever.

  • Hint 1: This word describes someone who enjoys and frequently plays video games.
  • Hint 2: A movie released with this word as the title in 2009. It received low ratings from critics but did feature some well-known actors, such as Gerard Butler and Michael C. Hall (Dexter).

If the first hint didn't give you the answer, then it's doubtful the second one did. If that's the case, then keep reading for the full answer... "gamer." That's right. Arguably the word that describes most of us is what Wordle decided to use as the answer for May 20. Gamers everywhere will be kicking themselves if they didn't manage to get that answer. We'll take a break over the weekend but come back on Monday for more Wordle guides.

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