Today's Wordle Answer (#312) - April 27, 2022

It's dangerous to go alone, take these hints to keep your Wordle streak going!


Oh no, a wild Wordle has appeared. Today is April 27 and the latest enthralling word puzzle has dropped. I don't feel like we get many verbs, or at least words that are explicitly verbs, so I was excited today's answer was one! Hopefully that alone gives you something to work off of while you're picking away at it.

Have you tried today's Wordle? I don't mean to turn today's guide into an English lesson, but I guess that's what you'll chance upon when you're talking about word games. While Wordle doesn't seem to include some forms of words, like plurals, it does seem to regard conjugations like tenses! Wordle answers are absolutely drowning in nouns and adjectives, so worrying about tense is not typically an issue, but it's something you may want to keep in mind today.

If you're looking for more hints and fewer seventh-grade ELA classes, we've got a handy guide detailing all kinds of methods to succeed at the game and what some of the best starting words are.

Today's Wordle Answer - April 27, 2022

If you're looking for today's answer, you will find it by scrolling to the very bottom, but I've got some hints that you can hopefully use to suss out today's word with little issue.

  • Hint 1: When a game debuts, like at a big event, one might say that it is being…

  • Hint 2: Radar in multiplayer games often leaves players revealed, but what might be another way to say that?

Have you guessed today's word yet? It's a tough word to gesture at without completely giving it away, and therefore I'm about to completely give it away. Today's Wordle is…shown. You know, like how games used to be shown off at E3 (R.I.P.) or how enemies are typically shown on the minimap when you get a UAV or radar. Who would've thought that past-tense verbs could be so tricky? Luckily, if you're ever just in need of some help, you can check right back here for all the hints and answers on your way to becoming the world's best Wordle player.

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