Today's Smite Xbox One/PS4 Patch Adds New God, Chocolate Easter Bunny Skin

Rama turns into Rambo and Thanatos gets Gundam-ified.



The latest update for Smite on Xbox One and PS4 is available, and it brings with it a new character, new skins, and the season ticket for 2016.

Chaac's new Chaacolate skin
Chaac's new Chaacolate skin

Most notable is the character, Raijin. Introduced on PC last month, Raijin is the Master of Thunder. He's a mage who is surrounded by drums that build up charges as he lands abilities and basic attacks. When all four are charged up, his next ability does bonus damage.

Also in the 3.3 update (which brings with it content from the PC version's 3.2 and 3.3 patches) are more than a dozen skins. This includes Chaacolate Chaac (a chocolate easter bunny version of Chaac who wields a giant Peep weapon) and Reaper Tech Thanatos (a sort of Gundam-looking skin).

There are also a bunch of other skins locked behind the new season ticket. Much like last year's, this is an item you can purchase for 450 gems that allows you to accumulate fantasy points. These are earned by winning matches and correctly predicting the outcome of upcoming Smite esports matches. Hitting certain milestones rewards you with various skins, treasure chests, and other things.

Elsewhere in the update are various character and item balancing changes. Spear of the Magus has been adjusted so that it's primarily useful against low-protection enemies, while Bulwark of Hope now is less effective. Amaterasu's powerful Heavenly Reflection ability now does less damage, while two of Ravana's abilities have longer cooldowns. Additionally, Sol can no longer stun with Disapparate, and Ullr has been made somewhat more effective (and easier to understand).

The update is out now on Xbox One and PS4. You can see the full patch notes here.

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