Titus unveils Sgt. Cruise

Titus plans to port its upcoming PC game Sgt. Cruise to the Nintendo GameCube.


GameSpot has learned that Titus Interactive's previously announced PC game will also be released on the Nintendo GameCube. The game has an animated look in the style of Tex Avery cartoons and combines shooter elements with strategy and racing, according to Titus.

The player assumes the role of Sgt. Cruise, who has to defend the world from an alien invasion. There will be three different kinds of missions in the game. There will be plain shooting sequences with impressive lighting and terrain effects bringing the cartoon world to life. Sgt. Cruise can also administer vehicles to drive around the game's levels. These sections consist of a mixture of shooting and racing.

Besides the single-player mode, there will also be a two-player cooperative mode, where players can try to solve the missions together. The missions will be spread across land, sea, and air, and these environments will feature changing weather conditions.

A release date hasn't been officially announced at this time. The PC version is set for an early 2002 release, with the GameCube version expected to follow shortly thereafter. Screenshots shown are from the PC version.

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