Titus reveals Downforce PS2

See the first screenshots from and read new details on the PlayStation 2 version of this futuristic F1 racer.


Titus Interactive has released the first gameplay details on and several new screenshots from Downforce for the Sony PlayStation 2. The racing game is set in the near future, when a handful of drivers have become bored with Formula 1 racing and decide to form a racing league of their own. Downforce features 27 different modified F1 car models, which when wrecked will show real-time damage. The game's eight fictional courses will be set in various cities around the world, including Las Vegas and Tokyo. Additional features include seven gameplay modes, including a two-player split-screen mode, 10 unique drivers, and a replay editing system.

Downforce will be released later this year for the PlayStation 2. An Xbox version is also in development.

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